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  1. I love how at the end of the movie, he is redeemed. So is Mr Hand!

  2. Haha those fucks. I wonder who reads and takes them seriously? They're just setting traps against their own positions

  3. Metropasses are too expensive, unless you're GUARANTEED to take the TTC all the time for every journey. Even I don't do that and I'm on there all the time. Frankly I think Metropasses should be 10% cheaper

  4. That does not mean BBBY is a deep value play. They are in a crowded market that is very clearly dominated by Amazon, Walmart,, Wayfair by being cheaper and quicker. BBBY offers no UVP. The reason GameStop was called a deep value play was because of the unique position they were in with a space that had no clear market king and an exponentially growing market at that. You can’t just steal buzzwords because it’s in the same basket as the actual true deep value play. I’m in BBBY but it is naive to say this is anything close to deep value. Be realistic here. It’s a great squeeze play and I’m here for it.

  5. Heh, nice. Ofc we all know the SHFs can magick a few hundred million shares out of thin air so it doesn't matter, but imagine our position if we were investing in a transparent and honest market! We wouldn't all be down 70%!!

  6. All very well but the distances and times involved in 'deep space travel' mean these are just for laughs. Humans will never have it better somewhere else than they have it here

  7. Go to the Islands or the spit, best place to bike in the whole city

  8. My rule for this is that when I look at my wrist, the watch should take up something between 50% and 75% of the width of my wrist. This looks huge to me. You don't want to look like the watch is wearing YOU, it's an accessory, not the main event.

  9. Well that 2.57 buy looks SMART now. S-M-R-T! We shall see but I gotta say I like green a lot more than red mes amis

  10. I'd say #1. After almost twenty years of buying colourful complicated watches I now wear simple 3-hand 36mm Oyster-cased watches from the 1960s-1980s, pretty much exclusively. Your #1 is not far off my daily. Simple is best. Good luck

  11. That place would've been a hard sell at that price even at the RE absolute PEAK. It'll never go for $3.8. It's overpriced by a MILLION DOLLARS (and then some!)

  12. TA, it's astrology for investors. And the short side reads it too - if they see us anticipating a rise they'll instead short it to dismay us.

  13. I go places and am friendly with the people there, it's enough socializing to get by. My old friends are all coupled up and too busy to see me, but that's OK. I still FEEL like I'm busy all the time

  14. I liked it too. Slow mover, but nice to see a happy ending. My top few in no particular order are Footfall, Lucifer's Hammer, Station Eleven, Mother Of Storms, and of course The Stand

  15. Black dial JLC is the best; buy it secondhand though, formal watches are a ripoff new

  16. I just keep working anyway. Either it'll happen or twenty years from now I'll still have the shares in my portfolio

  17. I'd like to believe it but Wall Street wants the Russians to win, so they can get their hands on more of that sweet sweet oligarch money. Anytime it's good vs evil, Wall Street is in the fight, on the side of the worst people in the world.

  18. Coincidentally, this is also the government's plan for you!

  19. Jotter was the one that started it all for me! Nice pens. Nice watch too eh

  20. Pffft sure you didn't spend as much as some but I'd say you did pretty well. As a guy who's spent probably USD100K on watches, and is generally pretty happy with how it worked out, I am a little jealous of those who haven't made all the mistakes I did.

  21. If I win the lotto I'll just retire, frankly. But let's not get ahead of ourselves

  22. I mean they did come right out and say they want unemployment higher, to put downward pressure on wages, so as to crush the working class (everyone who must work to live, is working class IMO). It is class warfare - landed moneyed elite wants to go back to feudalism, to masters and servants. And then slavery. Look at who is in charge, they're all generationally wealthy people, and they work for each other.

  23. Yea because every brilliant move has the same risk of BK as much as suggesting M & A.

  24. I know. From our POV it is a coin-flip; we simply have to wait and see. As for the cryptic moves they are intriguing but it may turn out that the company wasn't considering their shareholders at all and drop us in the shit without a second thought. We've heard from Games' CEO how he appreciates us; we have NOT heard that from RC or BBBY. They could fuck us over.

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