1. I’m keeping it for the glory of the Dark Mechanicum!

  2. We are the original Mechanicum! You’re “Mechanicus” are blind fools who snub out any innovation! (Except Cawl, he’s a pretty cool guy)

  3. With Guillimans new reforms more and more Forge worlds have started to innovate and invent new weapons and technology(so suck my gears, you lore irrelevant edgelord knok-offs)

  4. Angron will become 40K General Grievous, but collects daemons turned into swords instead of the lightsabers of slain Jedi

  5. Everybody gangsta until the cathedral starts walking.

  6. That "I love you" from Big E changed the entire desteny of the galaxy. And Horus didn't fall to chaos.

  7. He turned everyone in the boiling Ilse into necrons

  8. One slaaneshi daemon: escapes Angron cage call for help, this guy is crazy!- gag

  9. RedHood is the best post Robin though

  10. Collector: you know what, forget it. I'm an immortal god like being, why sould I pleycate to the wills of you un-evolved apes?

  11. “But dude, that witch was pretty hot, won’t lie I was looking out for girl for you too bro, but then.”

  12. "You fucking abandond me in Gravesfeild, how the fuck did you expect for me to grow up surrounded by puritans and raised by the reverend father"

  13. Belos: I was forced to work as a male prostitute to feed myself when I was still human. While you where to buisse simping for one bitch

  14. Hunter: holy titan nuts i'm going to have a three-wey

  15. Abbadon 1 second later after Angron insulted him for eating to much: ~fucking asshole~

  16. Inquisitor: daemons of Slaanesh mey look like demonic anime girls, but they all have gient horse cocks

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