1. First Whale: The F**k she doing?...2nd Whale: hey dummy we see you.

  2. Yeah I like the Winter Soldier outfit but I’m gonna skip it for the game, just waiting for this version, not to mention the long hair looks bad in game.

  3. Lies and crap arguments such as “Batman should’ve been a playable character so 1/10” and another that literally left me speechless for hours ngl, “The game runs on 1 fps and the game is bad because the game isn’t anything like Arkham…” no shit genius, It’s Gotham Knights with its own story and own standouts

  4. I personally think wolverine doctor strange and Captain marvel are the easiest ones to bring in

  5. I just hope the marketplace offering is better than what Jane (lack of costumes) and Spidey (lack of takedowns) have.

  6. True me to I hope they add like a double takedown at some point

  7. It's in my all time top 5. Which seed company?

  8. Good question I'll ask the person I got it from but it also produced a seed is that a bad thing?

  9. Most likely calcium deficiency. Not a great picture, but looks like brown spotting following veins with some necrotic regions forming.

  10. Pretty usual time for calcium to be a bit deficient. Try giving a little light rate calmag with your next feed

  11. Was it worth the $80 annual subscription in your opinion? It looks like a cool resource if it's accurate and actually provides meaningful help/tips throughout your grow

  12. My girlfriend bought it for me I ain't paying s***. It tells you what's wrong with your plant after you take a picture and submit it. Honestly I wouldn't pay for it

  13. I'm feeling like my mom now looking at this mess somebody clean this up right now

  14. Facts. Deeper question I have 2 tents one fan the other light I have has fans built in it so should I use this light and fan for flower tent or veg tent?

  15. If we did it be a big DLC and not just throwing in a new character. Since like the Avenger game shows it's hard getting VA's back especially of they are popular. WB would need to make a profit off of having to pay the VA's to comeback

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