1. That would honestly be terrifying as a russkie. Imagine looking out of your trench to see a line of western tanks cresting a hill towards your position. As they get closer and the vatniks clutch their mosin their grandfathers died holding, only to hear “DU …HAST” get louder and louder as the armored vehicles get closer and closer.

  2. See, I'm thinking Accept's Tectonic Terror would be more fitting.

  3. You certainly meant MB. A SNES had 128kb of RAM.

  4. I didn't catch the typo until now. Definitely meant MB.

  5. I just realized my entire understanding of what a good tank is, is entirely based on whether the turrent is rounded or angular.

  6. I like the curvy, round turret that came with the M60. 😑

  7. I don’t live in the area anymore and I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other, but I’m curious as to how changing a street name will “mess things up.”

  8. You're gonna confuse us people that have lived here for years.

  9. So just buy pullets? Higher up front cost, but they're way closer to laying age. You'll get the return on your investment sooner.

  10. Those motherfuckers sunk the Maine, and I have proof.

  11. Saint Curtis is rock fucking hard in his grave, hearing that.

  12. Yep, USAF project for their F22 replacement being named Air Dominance and meaning it... genuinely excited to see what the result of that programme will be

  13. Air... Dominance? Hopefully it involves a catsuit and whip.

  14. Queen of the Black Sea? Aw hell yeah. 🤘🤘🤘

  15. Does Britain have any Blackburn Buccaneers left in storage? Would be so cool to see them roar in at zero altitude and frag some russkis!

  16. You kept going after the first paragraph and now everyone knows you don't care about the homeless.

  17. OP literally said he has done volunteer work to help the homeless. Maybe try actually reading the post?

  18. Alright, but metric didn't get us to the moon, freedom fractions did.

  19. Well, shit. I remember reading that somewhere, but now that I need it, I'll be damned if I can find a source. My bad, y'all.

  20. It could have ended super poorly if my wife had lost her sense of smell when we all got hit with COVID last week. (I lost some, but not all, of mine.) This is like Final Destination territory.

  21. I think your cat might be a terrorist. Just saying.

  22. This would make an awesome movie. Like a 1911 that just Forest Gumps it’s way from WWI to the war in Ukraine

  23. It does look cool though. Semi related can I get a body kit for a P-51 mustang to make it a jet?

  24. Ok, here you go; From the good people at North American Aviation themselves!

  25. Resurrect Churchill, let's steamroll all the way to Moscow.

  26. I agree... as long as you are referring to Mad Jack Churchill.

  27. Nice hips, needs big mommy milkers to match!

  28. It is everybody's way really. It is just something that is an inevitable part of having tanks. The Russians just don't put much effort into fixing the issue, so it happens a lot more to them.

  29. Heheh. Not to mention hunter-killer airstrikes seal clubbing any logistical support for them. Hard for your armor to fight without ammo or fuel.

  30. Tell him you’re sorry for the mix up and you’ll send him another jacket for free. Proceed to douse those rags in liquid ass and fox piss and then send them back to him.

  31. Take a big ol dump on top, seal 'er up, and ship it!

  32. You are aware the namesake to one of those carriers was sunk, and the other heavily damaged numerous times right???

  33. Yes, but the Yorktown was patched up in time for the battle of Midway, and the Enterprise always came back for more.

  34. No, it wasn't, the Yorktown was sunk at midway, in part due to the fact that damage recieved at coral sea had not been patched up before that battle took place. The enterprise had at least 3 close calls and was taken out of service several times for repairs.

  35. You haven't refuted anything I've said. Of course I know the Yorktown was sunk. But it was back in service in time for a critical battle. I'm really not sure what your point is.

  36. Who invited all these children here?

  37. Arguably HMS Dreadnought trigger this across the globe. And the US went... the most nuts and build the New York class battleships, New York and Texas.

  38. 10, 14" naval rifles, in 5 turrets, is nothing to sneeze at! Not to mention a captain ballsy enough to flood part of his ship, to get more range out of his guns!

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