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  1. Reckon the Democrats aren't good for the coal and prison industries.

  2. It’s a tough pill to swallow when democrats are effectively trying to destroy the SWVA economy by getting rid of the coal industry without providing alternative jobs

  3. Umm. I think don’t think the fact that coal is on its way out is the Dem’s fault. I guess they should try and prop up other dying industries like brick and mortar movie rental stores and department stores? Should we just stop progress to protect people’s jobs? This is ridiculous.

  4. My point is that the democrats ran on a platform of moving away from coal energy without providing an alternative source of employment for workers in the industry. Moving to green energy is great, but there should be funding to retrain those negatively impacted. There should have also been grants approved for a nuclear power plant in the area or some other industry. Really just anything to help the area thrive rather than fade into oblivion and drug abuse.

  5. I would assume only 2months and 14 days would be covered and then you would be on the hook for the rest at a pro-rated cost, but the school’s VA certifying official should be able to give you a more concrete answer.

  6. They are generally regulated. These claims are intentionally dishonest and designed to mislead.

  7. You haven’t read much into this, have you?

  8. I've listened to people who work in the field and disregarded intentionally deceptive sources. I guess you can call it whatever you feel like, but it's not really of concern to me

  9. On an unrelated note, my local pharmacist told me that the OxyContin prescription was fine because it was rigorously tested and then approved by Purdue pharmaceutical.

  10. I hope Kyle gets what he deserves.

  11. Tell me you struggle on dating apps without telling me you struggle on dating apps

  12. Dating apps are for losers, plus I’m married to my partner of over 5 years. Nice try though, beta.

  13. I legitimately can’t tell if this sub is for trolling or if people are actually this deranged.

  14. how is poli sci useless? there are so many jobs to do at every level of government, and someone has to replace the old guys in there eventually lol

  15. Government jobs are hard to come by with that type of degree because they have so many applicants and specialized regulator positions require specialized degrees. For instance, you won’t be getting a job at a financial regulatory agency with a poli sci degree, you’ll need a business degree

  16. Eh. I dunno. I think he was an important voice during a time where literally every fat fuck and the media was gargling the dicks of notoriously not moral big pharma.

  17. I agree, I think Joe played an important role in keeping people aware and skeptical.

  18. Legend has it Vrabel fired Downing after consulting with ChatGPT

  19. Fox News gets paid by corporations to make fake outrage in order to distract search algorithms away from actual problem. Such as m&ms, look up m&m controversy and I bet the first search will be about the spokescandies and/or the new spokesperson, and not the child slavery that Mars is under investigation for.

  20. I think to be fair you should include CNN, Washington Post, and NBC

  21. I mean, I know it’s pretty much been confirmed that a lot of the incidents that really made UFO sightings popular (funny how that happens a lot less often now that we all have HD cameras in our pockets, huh?) we’re just sightings of stealth aircraft tests.

  22. Phone cameras aren’t actually very powerful though, this is some Neil Degrasse Tyson bullshit

  23. It's been there for a while now but believe it or not, the rich folks over on Glen Eagles fought it tooth and nail.

  24. That’s fair, I can see concerns though from the perspective of people that live near there because a drive thru can cause traffic congestion, but I love McDonalds so I would just deal with it

  25. I live nearby and am in quail corners often. It’s never been a concern for me. Even at its busiest, it doesn’t obstruct other traffic. Now if it was a chick-fil-a?…

  26. That’s a good point, Chik-Fil-a is always slammed. They typically have a really good system to cut down on traffic but it only helps so much

  27. Choose Econ, Marketing or Management, the rest are either overly specialized or straight up bullshit. Like DEI, that can be covered in one course. Leadership & HR is overly specialized as well. Management is very broad but you should be able to tailor it to take more finance and accounting classes. The quantitative classes are going to be the most helpful imo, especially if you later decide to pursue an MBA.

  28. I only say marketing because that could help you land a role in B2B sales which can be very lucrative, and marketing is fun.

  29. You are performing extreme mental gymnastics here.

  30. You're performing extreme mental gymnastics to argue that only cis people deserve to be protected from unwanted irreversible changes they might severely regret

  31. This is a terrible take on the situation. The issue is the elected officials in DC trying to tell border states how to handle mass immigration while providing poor funding. The federal government needs to allow states the power to manage their borders how they want unless they’re willing to fully fund any kind of project. You may think it’s fucked up to send immigrants to the VP’s house, but it sends a clear message to either do something about the problem or shut the fuck up and stop trying to play politics over border security.

  32. Just acquire actual ADHD and a caffeine addiction and Adderall and Ritalin are totally unnecessary

  33. Online MBA rankings don’t matter, I’m doing an online MBA right now and for me it’s mostly just about checking the box. I’m not transitioning careers and I gave a good job so this made the most sense for me. Plus I’m paying a relatively small amount out of pocket. I wouldn’t recommend an online MBA for career transitioners unless the school has really good career services and you have the time to take advantage of it.

  34. The University is a good one, relatively I guess. I’m very involved with my professors and I think I actually have the best grades in my MBA program as far as I know, but I am online and not all that involved with the school anymore. When I got my bachelors I was the president of a large organization, but not as much now. I didn’t expect to be this disheartened about it all lol. I guess getting my PHD and working at the college might be my future. That’s a bummer.

  35. You could still break into an entry level position and work your way up and have the mba to stand out when you switch companies

  36. “Corporations mad because there is a lack of people willing to work for $0.50 per hour for 30 hours a week”

  37. I hate TikTok, but we’re now okay with governments telling us what social media we can and can’t use?

  38. The key difference is the progression of the visual improvements in the irradiated muck from Half Life 2 to HL2:E1. Other than that they’re the exact same game.

  39. I mean didn't he use all of his advantages to display how hard work is for blue collar people? I see it as a positive not a negative.

  40. The Joe Rogan sub Reddit hates common sense.

  41. I have a Serta office chair that I got from Walmart 5 years ago that is still holding up pretty well. Edit - costed $150

  42. Extreme reliable, looks cool, large modding community, has a great balance between being off-road focused and having great tech compared to Subaru (used to own a 2018 Crosstrek and the tech packages were terrible), has 4x4 at a reasonable price

  43. You have no clue if this is actually unreasonably impeding the path.

  44. I mean I have eyeballs, a picture right in front of me, and I know the ADA standard is 36 inches of clear space for wheelchairs. So basically you’re cool with handicapped people having to go into oncoming traffic in the street to get around this car. Gotcha bud

  45. Well Bucko, I’m more concerned with what is going on to cause the police to park there in the first place. But I think there’s reasonable space for anyone, including a wheel chair to get by.

  46. I am talking about the sheriff, investigating this act, going to her house and having a “word of prayer” with her before determining she was not involved. There are many, many pictures of them hugging. She also is a January 6th insurrectionist. So us without power with kids out of school are quite happy he’s been stripped of power in this investigation and that the FBI and staties are here.

  47. Yeah I don’t know, it seems like you’re taking a lot of things out of context. Also, unless the woman was charged with a federal crime it’s hard to call her an “insurrectionist”. I’m not necessarily saying you’re wrong but you’re getting pretty deep into conspiracy theorist territory

  48. She organized a group to attack the capitol on January 6th. What do you call that?

  49. This is objectively false, by being at the protest/Trump rally does not make you guilty of attacking the capitol. There is no evidence of her committing any actual crime.

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