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  1. The internal IT is LOW stress? Man, I'm doing something wrong

  2. Legit dad to dad question - so how do you deal with the screaming upset 4 year old that "doesn't want anyone touching her" but won't let you take a step away. You know she needs a hug but she says no, where are you coming down on that?

  3. We do a lot of talking about "strong emotions" here, and one of the big rules is that emotions are allowed. Even strong emotions, they're allowed.

  4. Yeah, between my wife and myself we're getting the hang of it but always in the lookout for tricks others have used

  5. Can we make this into a "bashing overbearing MIL" thread?

  6. I came in here to give you some words of encouragement, that there's men out there that aren't sleazy, were raised right, all that.

  7. Lol thanks. Was getting steadily more irritated with having to even say it

  8. Long since I was single but the answer doesn't change.

  9. Only to people. Wallets don't care for such distinctions

  10. "He cannot perform the task" may as well be the subtitle of his autobiography. Which, because he can't perform that task either, would be written by someone else.

  11. Cause they knew exactly what they were doing. Not to sound like an alcoholic but I've been to a lot of bars in many states and a few places in Canada or Europe. A real bartender never assumes the tip. If you pay cash you get all the change then leave what you want to tip on the bar. Never seen it work any other way.

  12. Absolutely a positive. If you’re the person someone turns to when they need a hug, well, there’s no better feeling.

  13. Dude, other people's needs for my hugs and cuddles is sometimes the only thing that makes me get up. Also the thing keeping me in bed

  14. they are allowed to 'slam' you. that's to say opt out instead of opt in. Thank your mayor

  15. Ok that's an issue on principle... How about on money? Are these clowns actually saving money, or is it yet another in a long chain of shit that wants to make a dime just for existing?

  16. Recently it was reported that they were so overpriced they cut everyone loose. This sub had a lot of talk about it.

  17. Guess I'll have to look back, thanks

  18. But they should obviously have the new replacement coming in right away I don't understand why they'd do the slow fade. The students will notice either way

  19. Oh. Because in many cases there isn't a replacement, and the kids age out of the support. Welcome to America, you only get help until you can wipe your own ass 2 times in 10.

  20. In this case it was fading out with the plan that this individual was being prepared to participate in the classroom without extra support outside of the typical supports schools are able to provide (ie he had access to school aids etc.).

  21. Very cool, very necessary. Thanks for what you do

  22. So heater failure, metal fatigue, things of that nature isn't really known of? That's pretty cool

  23. Not really because we're not trying to superheat a thin metal wire like they do with oil vapes.

  24. Interesting. Thanks for the input

  25. Or 'military spec' - which just means it's manufactured to barely pass the requirements, and the contract was likely awarded via cronyism rather than merit.

  26. Used to make milspec components for Apaches.

  27. Ah the ole "I'm gonna make everyone else's workouts twice as long as they can see how I do".

  28. Darth Vader and his gang of penguins grabbed a bunch of holy hand grenades to eradicate all the worms.

  29. She's NOT a princess. She's the daughter of the chief.

  30. Are you gate keeping Disney Princesses now? For the record, Moana is an official Disney Princess, as established in Wreck-It Ralph 2 and official Disney communications.

  31. It's in the movie, I was trying to be funny. Maui calls her princess over and over, she goes "I am NOT a princess, I'm the daughter of the chief"

  32. I have a wife with long hair and a daughter who inherited her mum's hair. I spend a lot of time unclogging the drain in the bathroom.

  33. Tub shroom are an amazing product. There are many many drains with strainers. It's a damn life changer, I haven't pulled out my snake in two years (at least for my own drains)

  34. TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, White, 2.25 x 2.25 Inch

  35. Don't forget your amazon prime also gives you unlimited photo storage in original quality. This alone makes prime worth it. My wife's phone holds all our memories as a family and with amazon prime those are safe.

  36. Wait wait... What?! We're out of Google space, where is this magical Amazon storage

  37. Edit - sorry, the following is only pertinent in the US.

  38. So, maybe this is a newer function (I just got new buds with it), but there's a way to test what a person can and can't hear well, then amplify that specific range(s).

  39. I mean, flash mob of orchestral performers, with their instruments and a conductor, randomly coming out of buildings? No obviously it's staged. But that didn't make the whole thing any less fun to watch for those lucky enough to be there, and it didn't make it any less pleasant for me to watch for the umpteenth time.

  40. Yea, ppl might say it sucks living in russia, north korea, Iran and shit but they fail to realise it's same in their country also

  41. From experience... No it's not.

  42. Sure. But in some places, they're also worried about death from random crime, or random governmental crime, or random...randomness...when someone walks into their village and guns down every man woman and child because they happen to be descended from someone that HAPPENS to be the wrong tribe/creed/color.

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