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  1. You’re missing the critical parts: it touches the ground while he is landing, then comes loose. His control did not survive contact with the ground, this means he never “legally” had possession of the ball.

  2. Dude, it feels like it should be a catch because the rule was changed 2018 for EXACTLY this scenario. Survive the ground, which everyone keeps saying ad nauseam, went away in 2018.

  3. This is the wrong interpretation of the rule change. "Surviving the ground" was removed from the rule, but more as a means of clearing up the phrasing. The Rules committee didn't like the phrase, thought it was vague, confusing and unnecessary. So they removed it. It does not mean that they removed the part about recievers needing to maintain control through the ground.


  5. It looks like his hand is underneath it the whole time to me. Just because you can freeze frame where his hand is hidden by the field grass doesn't mean it's not there, which the video shows.

  6. Do Patriot fans believe Jesse James caught the ball now?🤔 ……. (Sad Steeler fan noises)

  7. Man, can't breathe around English Neymar let alone double hand push him, my dude. No need for that.

  8. Mental health and perceptions on work life balance and worrying about the future. I'm prioritizing mental health a lot more, I'm less motivated by work and do it with an extent of effort that doesn't stress me out (and no longer stressed out by that level of effort), and I've gotten more into the habit of spending now while saving less than I used to for the future because, hey, living when you're nice and ready to do it isn't a given and you can't devote your best years to slaving away for just a little bit more money when you hit the point of having enough to be comfortable.

  9. Can you point me to a review that gave this as an exclusive reason for not liking it? Like "everything was great, but terrible message!" Genuinely curious because all the worst takes like these were usually throw ons but the overriding issue of the movie being derivative, poorly paced, and nothing without the DC property tacked on were usually the most significant complaints.

  10. That’s not being an incel at all. None of his behaviour was motivated by “women won’t have sex with me.” I fucking hate the word incel now because it’s just a buzzword that’s lost all meaning.

  11. Pats definitely had the worse end of the calls with some major ones (mostly the Hunter touchdown), but there was a lot of patriots line movement that didn’t get called and having 12 men in the huddle that also didn’t get called. The refs have sucked all year, and this game it benefited the Vikings.

  12. That doesn't get called when the QB isn't in the huddle. Mac Jones was not in the huddle.

  13. Can't ask for anything better from Mac there, not sure why Agholor slows up there.

  14. I'd take a "Riverworld" rewrite. The premise of everyone who ever lived being reborn is appealing enough that it could be retold with an interesting set of new characters.

  15. The Ringworld sequels. Even the first novel isn't great, but it's an entertaining enough tour of a BDO (and fantastical genetics) if you ignore the sexism and flat characters.

  16. Ringworld in general is a really cool getting but the characters and plot are just very much not interesting.

  17. just as a warning, I loved spin, but the sequels were not well received. They did not feel epic. I did not like them. I think Spin could make a GREAT movie.

  18. I think the problem was that Axis was such a slow burn after all the set up in Spin and isn't particularly satisfying or meaningful to the broader story.

  19. Second for The Gone World, but do yourself a favor and skip the epilogue.

  20. Tbh it's like 2/3 of a great book. The third act in general is pretty bad and really ended up underscoring why the conceit of the story is just full of holes, despite the first 2/3 of the book being really well done and enjoyable.

  21. For some foundation vibes in modern science fiction, read The Interdependency series by John Scalzi starting with The Collapsing Empire. It's not high literature, but neither is Asimov. Just a very Golden Age feel.

  22. I've only read "Eon" and none of the sequels to date.

  23. He's just a business man doing business.

  24. He's just a business man with a business plan, he's gonna make you money in business land. He's a cool guy, talking about GameStop, he's definitely not a cop.

  25. Oh so NOW beating up on a shit division is impressive.

  26. Refs were too scared to call that block in the back

  27. Weren't too scared to call a soft holding to extend the Jets drive though.

  28. At this point does Wentz even get another chance to be a back up someplace else?

  29. Yeah, that would be unforgivable.

  30. Yeah, sucking at football? Whatever. Drop to one knee? That's a paddling.

  31. But surely this can also backfire, right? I remember of a case of some serial killer who was mentally challenged and they tried this route to make him talk/confess to his crimes. They made him steak, gave him cigarettes and booze, and guess what happened?

  32. Police mistake there. Even when you don't use incentives like that, there are plenty of weirdos that will confess to crimes they didn't commit for various reasons. Investigators try to hold back key details that only the actual guilty party might know from being publicized. A good confession usually includes confirming such details from the confessor.

  33. Lol I had a similar moment when I got my invitation to purchase from Amazon. Just can't justify it from a utility pov.

  34. He had no run game to compliment him.

  35. "Hey -- nice pass, Geno. Great pass." - Seattle Run Game complimenting Geno

  36. Hope everyone remembers to get their $8 back because they changed it within like a day.

  37. Top to bottom that WR/TE group shits on Bruce/Holt as amazing a duo they were. Even if you add Faulk having Gronk be your 4th option is insane

  38. That's an opinion. Not one held by most people who actually watched Holt, Bruce, Hakim, Proehl, and Faulk play together, but certainly an opinion.

  39. Immediately to the "but did you watch them play???" like either of us are football experts. Go compare them yourself if you don't believe me. Or belittle my opinion with the easiest reddit gotcha both work

  40. Hey man - opinions are like assholes and you're welcome to yours. You just picked an asshole not many reasonable people have.

  41. He has a good offensive line and 2 good running backs. Tua was in a worse situation in year 2, played better, and didn’t get half the excuses made for him that Mac did

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