1. He doesn’t want us to Just believe in him but he wants us to believe him

  2. This is a place for foreigners and people with social anxiety to learn to talk better not for Harlotry. Please remove this post before the mods do

  3. I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a huge difference between the satanic church, and the satanic temple satanic temple is more of an atheist group who just don’t like Christians

  4. The Bible is a collection of over sixty books written in various long past times and in cultures very different from ours serving different purposes. We are not the intended audience.

  5. That is why the Church founded by Christ is needed.

  6. Aka the Catholic church, go ahead, rain down the down votes. I don’t care it’s the truth.

  7. Stop this nonsense, Christianity doesn't have a problem with evolution. The truth is not a threat to us.

  8. I prefer the Love version. Acoustic with some added strings. And it has one more verse than the regular version we got on the White Album.

  9. He doesn’t want us just to believe in him he wants us to believe him

  10. Perpetual virginity of Mary represent!! The phrase in the Bible where Jesus' "brothers" want to see him is often explained as his cousins or kin of some kind. The concept of the term brother and sister being used to refer only to one's actual siblings is a very Western concept, even still today.

  11. Hi, I'm Father Goodman. Do you know that you have sins? The Bible says you do and so do I. I believe every man, woman, and child is in need of grace. AND THAT'S WHY I HAVE CONFESSIONS FOR YOU ALBUQUERQUE!

  12. Thanks! Ok another note, is it possible to not sin at all?

  13. ^ This. Father Georges Lemaître, a Belgian Roman Catholic priest, was the one who formulated the big bang theory. Christian clergy have been a major part of academia since universities were invented.

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