1. Yes, you can watch season two first or without watching season one at all.

  2. I feel like in a live concert performance, Tim and Sam would stop singing and point to the crowd so we could all shout the line "THREE STACKS ON THE RADIO!!!"

  3. Other good quality shows: Yellowjackets, Search Party, I Think You Should Leave, White Lotus.

  4. Station Eleven. That was the first show I've seen since CXG that comes close to CXG for depth, artistry, intelligence, and seriousness of theme and message. It's optimistic and emotionally intense like CXG, but it's not a comedy -- it's a post-apocalyptic drama featuring a travelling troupe of Shakespearean actors.

  5. I think they went to the room or island and played scrabble. Why do I think that? Because I'm a dummy and a sheltered naif.

  6. Ahaha funny, thanks for posting! These people are so tone deaf -- they are characters straight out of a Billy Brag song, ripe for communist reeducation camps. My favorite bit of unrelatable rich problems:

  7. If I was Shauna, I would have confessed to banging Jeff once Jackie figured out Shauna was pregnant or lying about something, like her dad being president of Hello Kitty.

  8. Girls HS soccer is often played in spring. So the best take is they crashed in spring 96.

  9. Most of my life I dated Olivias, Harpers, and Rachels, but eventually I married a Lucia. More fun and hotter sex.

  10. I was thinking the same thing, the role was too limiting for Rachel. But it also makes you realize how limiting most roles are for actors compared to playing a character like Rebecca Bunch. Almost all acting jobs are boring compared to that one.

  11. Rachel isn't that great. She took three months off her journalism career to plan a big fancy wedding to a rich douchecanoe. Then she realizes after getting married that she's boxed herself into a corner of being a trophy wife to a man she doesn't like, so she takes an assignment on her honeymoon to write a buzzefeed article to try to resuscitate her shitty career.

  12. In the words of the Dude, "You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole."

  13. And Gage got the job--would have been a pretty dick move if they hadn't hired him.

  14. Don't watch another show -- rewatch this one. There are a dozen things you didn't catch on your first watch that you will catch on your second, and a dozen more things you will only catch on your third, and probably more for several more rewatches. This show ages beautifully. It is not a dinner, it is a full pantry that you can feast off of for months.

  15. The show doesn't give a lot of depth to Paula that would tell us she has much of a connection to her own racial identity or sincerely held beliefs about racial justice issues beyond spouting platitudes. Like Olivia, she seems to mainly care about being hot, appearing smart, and getting high. So her actions with Kai come off as those of a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum after hearing Mark and Nicole's tone-deaf comments about colonization at dinner.

  16. The double meaning is Liv Hewson survived the filming, and Van survives to the end of season 2.

  17. Have we watched the same show? Yes, he was right about the room and not working on the honeymoon, but that's not the point. You can be technically right and still an insensitive, dismissive asshole.

  18. Yeah, any guy with an ounce of understanding how she was feeling would have encouraged her to use the money to pursue journalism.

  19. That's what I love about the show. Every character feels like a real person. Sometimes too real. I hope you're in a better place now.

  20. Proof of that is we have about two thousand Albies in this sub

  21. You can tell she's hot right away, but it's not until she strips down to her bikini and starts walking that you can see the difference between "hot" and "Victoria's Secrets model hot." She has a model's frame.

  22. According to that wiki, the core claim is accurate -- arctic indigenous do have more words for snow according to a 2010 study.

  23. The sketch is s2 where he dances and the dog goes nuts never really did anything for me

  24. The joke is he's dancing like the Blues Brothers, but he's not the Blues Brothers!

  25. With Kai and Lani now gone, I think Tanya has to go next.

  26. To me, Shane makes Nathaniel look like mister charisma cuddly teddy bear. But yeah, both were playing assholes.

  27. You can call them your 90s bangs. I'm sure you rock that look!

  28. I remember your dad from back in the day. Spiked-up blond hair. Little bitty jeans. Chicken spaghetti at Chiccalini's. Real piece of shit.

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