1. he "didn't even get to explain how it happened"

  2. I truly loved ALL of his pre-recorded skits. The big brother type stuff and anything with him and Beck.


  4. They toured the world with this. The piece is say 20ft x 15ft and contains the original entry door. I did this experience in Melbourne Australia and it was really good. They had so much stuff that had been recovered including a dining room, all made up with plates, glasses cutlery and menus, made up accomodation for each class etc, and at the end you find out if you survived. I did not.

  5. Cardemom recorded it and posted it even though mommy had no idea it was being recorded. And it might seem like she’s eye fucking the camera but that’s because romayo told her to.

  6. OF COURSE! This makes so much sense. She had 100 kids to try and get a reality show. Sick woman.

  7. Mine is doing this exact sleep pose right now too!

  8. Haha its gunna blow your mind when you realise it was the salute American school kids did when pledging the thingy of allegiance or whatever they call it. It's based off of the roman salute.

  9. 10mg at night. Makes me nauseous so I take it before sleep.

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