1. James tells all of us to use Sarms and sells all his steroids (used to be a website) now it’s an app. He made us download “Wicker” where we order it from 1 person and we get everything in vitamin bottles. James is killing more than half the women that are STUCK on his team. They’re all losing their hair and fucking up their thyroids. James has to pay 8 olympia Athletes to say they are coached by him to stay relevant. And all 8 of them can’t even replace 1 (either Lauralie and/or Jenn). Less amateurs and less clients, but spending more on paying pros to stay with him. Look at Jenn. She left. Did amazing. Went UP! Same with Lauralie. He doesn’t know how to make Good Athletes Great. He just knows how to pay for sponsoring shows to create decent amateurs into lower class pros.

  2. OP what's up with the body shaming comments in the captions of the images? I feel like the content is snark-worthy but those comments are completely uncalled for.

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