1. I've been eyeballing this new quarterly lifestyle box called Heavenly Bleu, it's $54.95 a qtr (or you can buy a standalone box for $10 more). There's 6-7 items (tech, jewelry, skincare, body care, & home goods). Seasonals get to customize 5 & annuals get an extra gift. Free shipping too ($8 for Canada, AK, HI, & PR).

  2. IDK who either ppl are, but goodbye Jen 👋 I'd like to see AOC now

  3. Huda mercury retrograde gave me the worst reaction I’ve ever had to eyeshadow in my life. Swollen, watery, red fire eyes for days 😬. I use similar colors from other brands with no issues. Been scared to try any other huda shadows since

  4. WOW those are beautiful! Thank you, I will have to check them out! ☺️ i am always open to more sparkles 😂

  5. No problem 💜 I’m also a sucker for super sparkly, shifty shadows lol. She’s having a sale on the 27th. Get her new formula (more sparkly) not the old. Also next time you have a Terra moons order check out stellar apotheosis, it’s my favorite shade from them

  6. I ordered stellar apotheosis and cant wait to get it! I’ve only ever had ‘regular’ shadows from them so I cant wait for these shades to ship out that I grabbed! Thank you again 🥰

  7. I’m so excited you got that one!!!! It’s so beautiful in person!!!!! Pics really don’t do it justice. It’s a little flakey so go in gently or you will have a heck of a mess 🤣😂

  8. I love Robert and really hopes this goes well but unfortunately everything I have tried from Ciate I’ve hated. I have been waiting for a collab from Robert but I hoped it would have been with perfect, rare beauty or beauty bay 😞

  9. Just a heads up on the nomad palette (I was curious about it as well) watch Annette’s makeup corner video on it as well… She didn’t like it said the shimmers were very hard pressed and very hard to use

  10. Hmm... they had a good thing going for them... I wonder why they changed their formula recently?

  11. Yeah….. I’m passing and grabbed the new blend bunny instead. If you happen to get the nomad lmk what you think pls

  12. I'll have to look into it! I exclusively used the elf pencil for years but because I didn't like how thick the lines from it were, I switched to brow gels. But I'd love to find a good pencil again.

  13. The item beauty is a thick triangular shaped pencil. I love it because I have to do a lot to get eyebrows lol but if you like thin lines I don’t think you will like it

  14. I like slay glam. It’s more indie brands (usually with 1-2 cheap filler items) but it’s all makeup and some of the indie palettes we have gotten have been amazing. I have gotten a few multi chromes that are just as good as my Terra moons…. She also throws in full gift sets and counts them as 1 item. For $24 a month including shipping

  15. I canceled the luxe a few months ago because the value is just not there like you said. I’m cancelling premium for the exact reasons you stated above. May keep the base just to participate in the sales but even those have been lacking lately.

  16. You don’t need to keep a subscription to shop drop shop. I canceled last year and just grab what I want from the sales

  17. I passed….. never heard of this brand and I have very unpredictable curly hair. Not risking it…. I’ll stick with my $8 maui moisture lol

  18. I’m hoping for byroe cleanser and yensa foundation, and I’m kinda intrigued by the Saturday skin cream because the description sounds similar to tatcha water cream

  19. Mine is allegedly on the way. I’m more stressed that it’ll arrive in pieces tbh.

  20. I got mine yesterday. Nd (not boxy lol) did a really good job with packaging. Had 2 boxes plus some extra cardboard. I think it will be safe ❤️

  21. Boxy has sent me broken palettes in the past 3 orders so I don’t have as much faith lol.

  22. Not sure but if it helps I debated grabbing it until I looked at reviews. They were very mixed on Sephora

  23. It's fairly new to ipsy... But I think it's stock they are incorporating from boxy.

  24. I usually love the trendmood boxes but this one’s a definite skip for me

  25. I’m passing. Not a fan of the mlm products or supplements that have been thrown in to last couple boxes. Hope you guys get good stuff though

  26. I’m mixed, so I have medium tone skin and it’s still hard to find something in my skin color. It’s usually the undertone that’s the problem. They’re often too red, yellow, grey or even greenish.

  27. Half middle eastern/ half Sicilian the struggle to find good undertones is real

  28. Got it! I actually didn’t want the skinceuticals product, but I love this!

  29. If I only had enough $ to purchase one it would be roen liquid lip balm in charlie. mac dubonnet would be a close second

  30. Earth harbor is amazing. I have loved everything I have tried from them. Just make sure you use it quickly. I think they are one of those brands that don’t use a lot of preservatives so it doesn’t last very long.

  31. I really like the scent. It’s a very clean, slightly baby powdery scent. But…. The bottle is so tiny, like the size of a nail polish. I personally would buy it if it was $10 or under

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