1. She reminds me of the asian lady, Linda i think, on intervention. Linda was addicted to fentanyl lollipops. She was convinced that colors made her Ehler Danlos worse. She was actually severely bi polar.

  2. The time they gave me ketamine for a procedure I would have probably used my phone to take pics of all the amazing colors 😂

  3. I thought when i saw 'a rare post', she was going to say something positive

  4. White people who do nothing but post shit like this on the internet but do nothing else annoy tf out of me. She’s so privileged has she made donations to black movements/charities? Called government officials? Bought from black businesses? Or is she just going tf off on social media with no ass to back it up? Like heads up it’s not about you.

  5. Exactly! It’s not hard to find small, minority owned businesses to patronise. We should all try to buy local or support small businesses now anyway

  6. Newfoundland’s and Great Danes can make wonderful service dogs

  7. Silkies are the best! I have a blue whose crest is the same coloring as your zebra! No clue where the orange came from

  8. My mom would beat me which would obviously make me cry from the pain. But then she'd tell me if I didn't stop crying she would keep hittihg me.

  9. My mom would beat me harder if I didn’t cry

  10. Definitely a pullet. By that age a roo would be crowing (unless she was a Silkie 😂). She’s a cutie!

  11. I’d find my ex and make it a one night stand so I’d still have my kids. I’d go to college immediately after high school. I’d hike, travel, go to more concerts before my body gave out on me. I’d spend more time with my Dad, and I’d buy the horse

  12. WTF is wrong with people? This looks like my fb feed right now

  13. I’m sure this is what my city will look like this weekend

  14. Her family is toxic and she will find out eventually whether you tell her or not. You need to talk to her about it and then let her decide what she wants to do.

  15. I took a different route to work on October 24th, 2016. I regret the hell out of it and always will

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