1. My late mother was an alcoholic. You meet two types of people in AA… People looking for better ways to hide their drinking and people who have made AA a way of life. Both are chronic smokers so they all get along.

  2. Eh 1.3 mil is a small amount and gravel isnt free. Especially if its the stuff pictured

  3. As someone else said, when you're fixated on something that isn't moving moving (phone, book), while being in motion, your brain basically goes, "what's happening 🤮".

  4. Early shift in the dark is safer than the one that ends at 10-11pm. Those are the ones that scare me.

  5. yea, all the weirdos sleep till 2pm... you'll be fine starting at 4am on a weekday

  6. The easiest comparison for Tourette's Syndrome tics is blinking. You have to blink, you can only hold your eyes open for so long before your body will force you to blink involuntarily. It's just something that happens naturally without you thinking about it.

  7. simply reading about forcing ones eyes open has caused my eyes to water uncontrollably.... the ophthalmologist doesn't like me either

  8. Right Bottom picture looks like a cursed furby

  9. looks like the financial sector right now... shits just letting go, one by one

  10. I dabble in blender modeling, rigging and animation. Shoot me a DM.

  11. "It's a fact that since 2021 with Archegos we never left the headlines. We were overtaken by legacy situations by risks that materialized last year. We were affected by a market model that does no longer work in this market environment. And many clients have been very loyal for a very long time. And last autumn we had this social media storm and this had huge repercussions. More in the retail sector than in the wholesale sector. And too much becomes too much. And that's when we reached this point. It's accumulation of various facts that contributed to one another and then materialized at some point and this then caused the situation.”=Lehmann of Credit Suisse

  12. I thought it was an ape joke that Lehman was at Suisse... but you just can't write a better comedy of failures..

  13. 70k/yr... and our company is sick of them. So our company wants me to do better than them and be happier with me, for less money? Something doesn't add up

  14. yea dude. they're not looking to pay more, they're looking for lowest bidder and it may not be you.

  15. could be worse, you could be dealing with paxholes *in* your car for less pay

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