1. DH professors have a reputation for being complete tyrants, it's not reflective of the real world. You'll finish, look back after a few years and laugh at how seriously they took themselves. Working at a dental school, I can't believe how much more chill dental professors are than hygiene professors.

  2. I’d sell my back-vagine for repeat business at that mark

  3. Myth: otc mouth rinses are helpful as routine care. Truth:

  4. Disagree to an extent with your mouthwash myth. It's by and large true for purposes of controlling information. But specific mouthwashes for specific people can help. Chlorine dioxide rinses for breath control, dry mouth rinses, anti sensitivity rinses, etc can make a big impact. Having my high caries risk patients use fluoride rinses immediately after meals snacks and drinks seems to be have really helped as well. But for gingivitis and rinsing after brushing? No use there.

  5. North face has great bags, so does Osprey if you want something higher end. Patagonia also makes great day packs.

  6. Have you actually confronted him about it? Because it sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of your expectations and self worth, so I think you can make your case and he can change or lose you.

  7. I'm waiting for better weather to try and ride mine to work here in NYC. It would be a 9 mile ride to get where I need to be. I work in various locations so many of them would be easier to get to by scooter, but I'm kind of nervous because of weird battery issues I've had.

  8. Floss, waterpik, good brushing. Stannous fluoride toothpaste and a chlorine dioxide mouthwash. Diet also matters a lot and if you have sinus/mucus problems that also affects breath.

  9. Ultrasonic as your primary method of debridement with good sharp instruments to fine tune things is the best method. You were doing it right all along. I also pride myself on being gentle. What matters is, did you get them healthier? Yes? Good. I really don't see the need to be heavy handed, and I don't care if patients "expect" to feel anything intense. That's not my problem.

  10. Thank you for your response. Would a scale and polish help with the staining or is that something that’ll only improve with whitening? I’ve purchased some interdental easy use dental picks to make it easier to get in-between the teeth.

  11. You def have some surface stain that will come off but they'll still be on the yellower side without a clinical strength whitening.

  12. There isn't much of a way to tell if it's "good" functionally without an exam and xrays. It very well could be. If you're asking about aesthetics well, are you happy? It's definitely a dramatic improvement from where you were.

  13. it's more about the brand than the store, but bed bath & beyond has always had a great dental section.

  14. Grain of rice sized, with a wet toothbrush or one of those finger brushes, foam it up prior on a little dish or the back of your clean hand and then brush. Before they bite.

  15. You could just use this and ignore the "after regular toothpaste" bit. It's still just toothpaste but I swear by stannous fluoride and grapey grape sounds amazing.

  16. How did you do in the other sciences? If you're doing consistently poor, I would advise cutting your losses and not pursuing a health profession. The actual hygiene program is significantly tougher than the science classes. Did you try studying in a group with people, flash cards?

  17. I graduated high school did pretty decent in science courses. I then got into my dental hygiene program and these courses I mentioned above are my term 1 courses along side clinicals and stuff. I did try studying with Quizlets and I would jus repeat the words to myself until I memorize it word to word :/

  18. You might have to add visual concepts to your study routine, associations.

  19. Try the Astoria gay bars! Icon is my favorite dance bar/club with great drag shows. Albatross is a true dive, just look up what the theme of the night is before going (usually on their Instagram). Kween is new and a great gay cocktail bar.

  20. Don't try any of the house cocktails at Kween, they're all terrible.

  21. I've tried most of them, I don't really get why they're all so sour. Regular drinks are fine though.

  22. Did you just have a cleaning to remove tartar buildup? This does happen sometimes when the tissue was swollen over that buildup, but don't let that stop you from maintaining your improved hygiene. I have a couple triangles on my bottom teeth too. You can talk to a periodontist to see what your options are here.

  23. Work standing up, get regular massages, use ultrasonics primarily and see a PT for issues that pop up.

  24. Any advice on working standing up? Everytime i work standing up my neck gets destroyed after 1-2 patients.

  25. We made up for being bored af though, manhunt, skelzies, steal the bacon, stick ball, basketball with the milk carton hoop, all those games you played as a kid that didn't require much equipment. Don't forget opening the fire hydrants in the summer and blasting fools with the focused water bean cans.

  26. Try colgate optic white paste after you get it cleaned off, I think it'll help slow down stain buildup.

  27. My last physician made a note that my teeth and gums looked healthy, even though she never saw me without a mask on.

  28. Thank you so much!! He’s very happy with them. Sorry I am just seeing this, he has had that for years honestly. It does not seem to get worse and he says he doesn’t feel any pain or anything. Is that something that needs to be checked?

  29. If it's been there for many years and hasn't changed I wouldn't worry about it but I would def mention it sometime at the dentist just so they can keep an eye on it just in case.

  30. Did 10 years in a 2 room setup, up to 14 patients a day but average was 11, all adults, most with advanced perio. No neck, back, or wrist issues. Things that I believe helped with this:

  31. you couldn’t have said this any better! i would like to add some of the things that also help me. One of the main things i thank for my ergonomics are my loupes. i didn’t realize how much of use they are after school. physical exercise/stretching are also things i like to do. even if it’s 20 minutes on your lunch break it’s better than nothing. i love what i do and i am so thankful that i am able to do it.

  32. Yes absolutely. Loupes for the light, moreso than the magnification. I'd be happy with just a light.

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