1. In which build is this? I don't have it in 22621.521

  2. Hitching in games in the new windows 11 builds have got much worse. The spikes in frame times are now wider than before. It's is definitely windows itself that causes these hitches in games when anything loads as they seem different in every build.

  3. Can you repro it consistently enough to get a trace? Http://

  4. Successfully installed with no issues, restarted a few times afterwards but no new system tray yet. Will try rebooting again later.

  5. Appreciate your patience, it hasn't rolled out to everyone yet

  6. I'm on 22622.601 and clicking windows update. Nothing happens. Is it fully uploaded yet?

  7. Can you report this in the feedback hub and share a link with me?

  8. One more for the pile. I'm also not getting the update. Says there is a new build in the Insider portion of Windows Update, but nothing there.

  9. anyone have issues with the “a” button getting stuck while playing video games? sometimes when i’m playing halo infinite my keyboard seems to be stuck on an input, recreated with other keyboards as well so I think it’s a software issue

  10. Is it consistent enough that you could get a trace of the issue?

  11. TLDR: Some settings rolling out to turn off launch on hover for widgets, + TASK MANAGER IS BACK IN THE TASKBAR CONTEXT MENU, plus some other fixes & improvements. As always, please let us know how things go once you install the build 😊. Oh, and there's a snipping tool app update rolling out to dev that adds the ability to auto-save your screenshots :)

  12. Oh no... I specifically used snipping tool so it DIDNT do that

  13. Drag and drop via the taskbar has been available for Insiders for some time, and was included with Windows 11 version 22H2

  14. Known Issue: "[NEW] We’re investigating reports that various UI elements in apps appear to be disappearing and reappearing sometimes in recent builds."

  15. Just a note of clarification, we were already investigating this, and if you look in the feedback hub we already have tracking items in the looking into it state. We just added it to the known issues list for people's awareness. The known issues list included in the flight notes isn't a comprehensive list of everything we're investigating, for that it's better to use the feedback hub statuses

  16. New build day! I think you'll like some of the improvements in this one 😊

  17. it is good. hey jen, can i dm you for something... cause i don't know if it is a bug or a general problem itself (that i want to report/point)

  18. Thought i read something about a new voice command and recognition system or capabilities in one blog or another but haven't been able to find it since. I've been hoping to see more of this given the deal to buy Nuance. Anyone have any info regarding new voice capability along with the update?

  19. Are you thinking of voice access? The original WIP release notes are here:

  20. I'm probably blind, but where to find option to adjust the size of the recommended section? Can't find it in Start menu settings page.

  21. Can you confirm your build number?

  22. Have you already tried right clicking the graphs and selecting the graph summary view? I think it looks more like the pic on the left (although not at my PC right now to check)

  23. No I just did the exact thing but in this new build won't allow me to further resize the window. It's looks like something is stuck right there. It's not like the end of world but it's mildly infuriating.

  24. If you have a moment, please file feedback about this in the Feedback Hub


  26. Oh God, that sounds awful. So if I wanted to open a text file in VS Code, I would have to click the menu twice?

  27. App developers have the ability to make their entries top level (discussed here:

  28. Windows 10+1 (extra click to do anything) lol

  29. Sound output should be the same number of clicks as it was before:

  30. It hasn't rolled out to everyone yet, so you are not alone in it not appearing

  31. New update out for Release Preview :)

  32. Is this the "News and interests" toolbar? It used to show the weather most of the time. Now it just shows random stuff.

  33. If you right click the taskbar and select Reduce Updates under News & Interests, it should stick to weather

  34. TLDR The open with dialog updated design is now rolling out to all Insiders in the Dev Channel. Also fixed the OneDrive setup UAC prompt on every boot and a few other things

  35. Builds out for Dev AND Beta today. If you're in Beta the thread for that is here:

  36. New builds out for Dev AND Beta today. If you're in Dev the thread for that is here:

  37. Tabs isn't in retail yet, it's coming a little later. This is mentioned here:

  38. I believe you need to change your long date format in settings

  39. Seriously, that is quite frustrating. Especially since some really needed features like (dis-)connecting to a device is missing. Afair Windows 10 allowed me this.

  40. In the Insider builds Bluetooth device management has been added to quick settings:

  41. New update out for those on Release Preview who have chosen not to upgrade to Build 22621. Details are as follows:

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