1. “Bespoke,” might be the word you’re looking for.

  2. Growing. I can’t count how many times my mom flew off the handle because I needed new shoes or clothes.

  3. You might want to consider overseeding with clover. Rabbits love it, it requires less water than grass, and if you like the look of a manicured lawn, it looks very tidy when mowed.

  4. Pencil grip was a huge one for me and even more so now. I can't write well with a pen or pencil.

  5. Have you ever tried the Monk’s Grip for holding your pencil? My OT taught me this technique, and it is so much more comfortable for me.

  6. I came here to say this! I can’t stand listening to him.

  7. I scrolled past this quickly, and thought it was Patrick and David from Schitt’s Creek.

  8. The Lego Movie. My kids were small when it came out and were hyped to see it. I thought I’d suffer through, but ended up having a blast.

  9. I shred it and put it in a birdfeeder. I love walking around my neighbourhood and spying my fabric scraps in the nests.

  10. I actually have a doctor who is both a rheumatologist and an immunologist. He pursued the double specialty because as a rheumatologist, he saw so many patients with connective tissue diseases who also had immune dysfunction. He’s heavily engaged in related research and says there is absolutely a connection, but this connection is poorly understood.

  11. Being too hot. Too cold I can handle, but too hot destroys me.

  12. Just watched “Sissy,” yesterday, and thought it was a blast.

  13. Along with the other tips already mentioned, I always ask for a take-out container with my meal (not with the bill), and immediately put half my dinner away for later.

  14. Raising your curtain rod would make a big difference.

  15. I’d go with Audie. The you could have a fox in the henhouse.

  16. I think the character Diane Nguyen from Bojack Horseman was onto something when she said, “That's the thing. I don't think I believe in deep down. I kinda think that all you are is just the things that you do.”

  17. I say it’s like my brain is submerged in oatmeal. Every cognitive effort is slow, cloudy and laborious.

  18. I say it feels like my brain is full of mashed potatoes. Because for me, maybe for everyone else too, it’s a physical sensation. Like my head really feels heavier and thicker inside.

  19. I think your dominant characteristic is light, not soft. I’d consider comparison draping light spring vs. light summer.

  20. I have a neurological disease, so we bought a motorized stair climber as I can no longer safely climb or descend stairs. It was that or move, and with one of our kids still in highschool, we were reticent to uproot her. It was $16000, but I feel it was money well-spent.

  21. Knives Out! I was so engrossed in the story the first time I watched it, that I missed much of the humour.

  22. Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter from Camp) by Allan Sherman.

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