1. I had someone today create a bundle listed at $128 and offered $28. I countered, they declined, I moved on. 😂

  2. She should wear a bra with straps if she's going to be dancing, because she has NOTHING to hold the bra up. We know she has bras with straps (like the coral colored one), so why not dress appropriately? Ive had to adjust my bra in public and don't have to pull my clothing all the way up like that to do it. She intentionally grabs the fabric of the outfit and scrunches it up to adjust the dress. I'm sick of the excuses. At what point do you stop making "mistakes" which you are PUBLICLY called out for? At some point it becomes intentional.

  3. 100% she doesn't need a bra. I don't understand her obsession with wearing one. I would go braless every day if I could 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. It annoys me that OOP says the babies "passed away" like they died peacefully, like the bad/sad thing is just that his ex-girlfriend's babies died and not that her babies were murdered, and she survived an attempted murder on top of an abusive relationship with sexual assault and reproductive coercion, all that objectively horrific grief and trauma piled on top of her. And OOP wishes he DIDN'T KNOW because it gives him icky feelings. OOP doesn't actually give a shit about his ex-girlfriend or her feelings or about helping her with her life like he cared about her as a real person. OOP only cares about the nice shallow comfy girlfriend life he had with his ex filling in the Generic Girlfriend Slot.

  5. This should honestly be the top comment on this thread. HER BABIES WERE MURDERED. jfc

  6. I mean, not only that-- she was assaulted, she was locked in a basement for months, she had to give birth to twins, it was bad enough that her mom was documenting abuse, like.... This is basically the plot of Room and the OOP needs an empathy injection or smth, I don't even know.

  7. I am also baffled how an adult home owner isn't aware of asbestos? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. this is one of those pieces that is so cute I would not care if it doesn't look harmonious with my skin haha

  9. I just want to acknowledge the sizing - in the listing copy, I state in all caps it's an XS, but listed as S because it is Everlane Oversized, and that the tag in the pics on the label are marked XS which is accurate. I had other things from the Everlane Oversized collection and I've had complaints before about that. So i corrected by listing as the size it would 'fit' and show the measurements and before selling, in the bundle chat, reiterate the size they are getting and the reasoning

  10. Okay next question… one band or get a second band to balance it out?

  11. Not a nail tech but I can answer this as it pertains (somewhat) to my studies. You can also check out the allergy guide in the

  12. my vote is apartment hunters, knockoffs, or hurricane wanda

  13. That's the one I was looking for! This bitch is always late! 😂

  14. I love big noses. Especially if they look like they have been broken. I do not find him attractive but he’s not physically repulsive. Are people saying he is hot stuff?

  15. I have long hair and I feel like that would catch my hair constantly.

  16. I stopped reading after I read that and the part about the 500R tip as a "gentleman's agreement." At a certain point, you're half of the problem.

  17. well thats actually the part i do understand because people are more likely to search for Womens size 6 over kids size 4.5

  18. Bloody hell. Very costly global downtime due to the single act of one person with no implementation, test or back out plan.

  19. I saw this after I had already seen several photos with a normal sized scarf, and I couldn't tell if the photo was photoshopped or not😆

  20. These don't look like they have much of an apex. Which would explain why they snapped like this.

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