1. Hello! Have you read the faq in the sidebar? We do address this!

  2. Kind. And fond of certain music. They’ve been nothing but reassuring and patient with me.

  3. I know this thread is a year old, but I'm curious, what kind of music do they like?

  4. I dont understand what you're trying to actually accomplish. The scale of what you're trying to do is important here.

  5. Appreciate that! Sorry for not explaining further. Basically, I am hoping to create a small scale product where glitter is an ingredient. But because I'd want it to be highly customizable, I was hoping to make my own glitter. I looked at cricut cutters as an option but I feel like the glitter wouldn't be fine enough or fast enough to produce a large batch if needs be.

  6. A manufacturing company that takes rolls of material and cuts/punches them into smaller shapes is called a "converter".

  7. Ahhh ty!! This is great info, I appreciate it.

  8. I always say, if Malaria wasn't a horrible disease, it'd make a great name

  9. Also aquaphor does wonders for cradle cap! Spread it on, leave it for 20 mins, then gently scrape off the cradle cap. Moisturizes, soothes, and gets rid of the flakes.

  10. I saw this video recently about how different kinds of brains function... Do you relate to this, maybe?

  11. Hikari. It's Japanese and it means light, and I have Japanese heritage, but so many English speakers would pronounce it "hickory" like the tree or barbecue sauce.

  12. My first watch was interesting. Started it too late at night so after an hour I just couldn’t keep my eyes opened. Finished it the next night and knew it was special, but I still didn’t feel right about how I watched it. So when I’m my days off finally came, I watched it in one sitting and bawled my eyes out. It’s now my 2nd fav film of all time.

  13. I remember when Katrina hit and I was disappointed that they named it that because Katrina is such a beautiful name. I wish it didn't have that association.

  14. OP, I think it's cool that you're asking this and are trying really hard to find the best solution for everyone. It's very conscientious of you. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that though. Hope you find a good solution. ❤️

  15. Apply anyway! The 3-5 years experience thing is meaningless if you have a good reel.

  16. Thank you, I’ll go for it! I guess seeing “need past experience working on a feature film/game” scared me 😅

  17. Even if that is a legit thing they require, you really lose nothing at all by applying :)

  18. Some of these are already laws in the US, though they're not always well enforced.

  19. Depression sucks. It feels like being drowned in a tub of molasses that drains the world of color. Sometimes our brains just do crap like this because we get a chemical imbalance. I hope you know it's not your fault. It's a literal illness like any other. Therapy can help, and in some cases, medication does wonders. Depression is sucky business, but it can be helped and it can get better. 💙

  20. I’ve spent most of the night (I’m in Europe) going over all the ‘terrible’ things I’ve done, giving myself a huge anxiety surge. I was seeing a therapist last year, did the questionnaire, but it was the anxiety which came out on top. So not depressed then. Today, and yesterday, I definitely feel it though.

  21. Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Same with OCD, which can take the form of obsessive or intrusive thoughts. I call them the trifecta of poor mental health lol. They are so interconnected and related.

  22. Yes!! I always take it as asking “so did you do fertility treatments or just plain old sex?”

  23. Oh interesting... I've asked someone this before but that definitely wasn't what was on my mind haha. It was mostly because I was curious how often genetics play into it or not, wondering about my own odds of having twins I think. But it's good to know you hear the question much differently, I'll have to rethink asking that to twin moms

  24. I didn't, they were very overpriced 🥲 But I did think about it...

  25. Ahhh yes child free friends. I was at a Memorial Day get together with my husbands siblings/cousins and their friends and we just quietly laughed to ourselves when they all had a discussion about how much harder puppies are than babies 🙄😂😂

  26. Tbh it depends on the puppy 🥴 I had a particularly hard puppy and that was much harder than my newborn was. Anxiety puppies are everything hard about babies except they can run super fast and have sharp bitey teeth.

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