1. He should be able to teleport to a chair that spans in one of the unopened escapes and when it opens he does a cool as shit animation of him ripping his shirt off and being WESKER while that gate is closed.

  2. Who in their right god damn mind would eat that many pills?

  3. Ppl love what they seem to be familiar with in terms of slashers. Art the clown is atleast new

  4. The woman being raped to death is a sign of the wickedness of that area. She was a concubine, a sex servant and thus was pushed out so that the man may live. THEN that guy after sending her pieces to each part of the tribe of Israel (as inheritance and proof of their vile ways) gathers his tribes and set forth on ravaging that gross, throbbing Mob.

  5. Get in the habit of doing middle gens and if they’re being guarded, go 99 other gens then come back. Just keep building pressure against the killer but don’t back yourself into a wall.

  6. Reddit moment would be having a kickstarter to fund their progress and just ship them the most disgusting baskin robins Oreo shakes nonstop.


  8. Once he gets big enough he’ll be able to be used as a toy

  9. There truly are some things that do not need to be said.

  10. Watching Will Smith slap his kid to death in Beyond Earth… or whatever that uncomfortable travesty was.

  11. The answer probably isn't anywhere nearly as dramatic as people tend to think:

  12. I prefer this Cool Cids Club over the other Kool Kids Klub

  13. If I’m seeing my own butthole, something has gone horribly wrong

  14. Had an Australian shepherd that would get incredibly moody. This same instance has happened to me. Walk dog, grab butt, dog turns and looks at you funny. Do that like 3 more times and the dog would just stop and say no more.

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