1. anyone know if the hyena set jacket is good for warmth?

  2. i stopped feeling pain after the olly arc

  3. dis one not gonna get as much views as the trapstar/dior/gucci hauls since u on fashionreps 🤣🤣. insane haul though . cheers

  4. anyone found a solution? it’s so annoying

  5. wear kiss heels so you can see over everybody

  6. i did not need to see this rn 😭 (on day 52 sal)

  7. seems like everyone here is sharing their story of why they wear a mask. let me tell you, i, along with 70% of the people i see on campus don’t wear masks. if you want to wear one, that’s your business i wouldn’t worry what other people think of it

  8. i feel like these fanbases have a lot of overlap

  9. what’s the other fan base in this pic? i’ve never seen this dude before

  10. some random 1688 pusher pants that i reverse imaged searched. they didn’t ship after 15 days so i refunded

  11. the 80 yuan long sleeve, just to test

  12. imagine 40 people lining up for something that’s all it is

  13. compsci, gonna go into software engineering field after i get my degree then see what options i have after a few years

  14. at this price point just buy from survival source, at least you know you’re getting silver

  15. 40 days and waiting, in canada where SAL is KNOWN to be good 😮‍💨

  16. Found this thread while searching for the same thing xd. CIN101 has weekly movie screenings, as well as analyses (Im taking it this semester). I know that some popular movies will be played such as Goodfellas and Us, as well as some more avant garde style movies and foreign films. Recently got into watching films so if you have a letterboxd add me :)

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