1. Its really poorly thought out, but an easy and fast plat thats aczually kinda fun somehow, I have no idea what I enjoyed about it because the movement, camera control, combat, repetitiveness all awful. Would still reccomend for whatever reason i cant put my hand on.

  2. This will come in handy before my hands got numb. Thanks!

  3. Congrats. Is the time required accurate on the trophy guide?

  4. thanks. i read online that it takes 60-70 h. i got it in 81h so it is accurate considering that i didnt rush for any trophy

  5. Congrats! On my list to plat as well. Even on ps4 this game looks good!

  6. it was mostly with mates but ps4 took 10 hours (most was doing tasks and kills) and ps5 took an hour since all the grindy ones like 150 kills or 500 tasks auto transfer at 1 kill/task (same with winning on the maps so 1 win a map was required instead) and that seriously shortened time needed

  7. This one was very enjoyable! Congrats on the plat!

  8. Well done! Admire the dedications from both of you. Great game

  9. Anybody know what is the best way to get the Fashionista trophy? With the last event I got all the race/win trophies including infallible so I'm literally just missing the get 50 items from the store.

  10. At least before f2p twitch prime drops also count. They may still count but not 100% sure.

  11. Yet to try this game. Hoping some day they give free ps5 upgrade to those ps4 version owners redeemed thru ps plus

  12. Congrats! DLC is great too. You will enjoy it as much.

  13. Congrats. Thought you had to continue doing challenges for a while?

  14. You can always select game version by pressing the 3 dots next to play game. So it’s like 2 different games you can have both installed on ps5. That way you keep both progress independently

  15. This is exactly what I was looking for. So, just to make sure I’m understanding correctly: I can install my PS4 disc copy, download all the updates, then choose what version to play before booting up the game, meaning I can earn trophies on both the PS4 & PS5 lists separately?

  16. Correct. There’s a ps4 or ps5 sign below those 2 games once both versions are installed.

  17. This trophy is bugged. Last achiever is May 10th 2022. Can’t pop it until after they fix the bug.

  18. How many hours and how hard?

  19. I think it is probably around 20 hours and 3/10. We did more like 2 playthru cause we did classic mode first. Then we realized it’s too hard in later levels. Plus when I played as P2 the story trophy stopped tracking. My PS5 shows I played around 50 hours.

  20. I have this on my backlog to finish as well. Will give it a go again after the holidays

  21. Which game did you get the win a team game with 1 point? That's my last achievement

  22. Golden goal. Next appearance august 2nd. Although it may need a few tries due to the bug.

  23. Yes. Can do co op with no problem. Which one you are working on? I can help. Potentially I also need it? Only just unlocked superstar this week.

  24. Pretty sure it’s road to 1000 after this. Jokes aside, great achievement! Will take me years to catch up..

  25. I need to give the Surge another shot. I was doing soulslike plats for a while. I played that one for a bit, got distracted, and never went back haha.

  26. Yeah fair enough. I found I’m more into it after getting a hang of upgrading gears. I never played any other soul like game to date. Was not aiming for platinum when I first tried the game. Kudos to PS plus for giving it free back then. Really enjoyed it.

  27. Thanks for your confirmation! Too bad it's manual...

  28. Although what you could try to do is just install one copy on ps5 then remote play on ps4 when you switch over. Works best when you have a physical disk version to utilize fast loading etc.

  29. It's a good idea, I could try that. But I think the resolution is worse when using remote play, isn't it?

  30. Yeah that and whether it’s smooth largely depending on your network speed and your setup. I was able to play most horizon forbidden west that way cause I connected my ps4 on my monitor upstairs and I was upstairs more often. I think managing save files is not a big deal. The fast loading time and generally satisfying performance over remote play may just give you another option.

  31. According to my ps5 I put about 40 hours into it to get the platinum, probably could've knocked 10-15 hours off easily if I had actual teammates as I was solo the entire time.

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