Those advising not to fall for a $100 fake squeeze are incorrect (I believe most mean well). Let me explain...

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  1. No, he is saying either you are photoshopping fakes and you will be legally attacked, or you are so bad at your job tracking you will be attacked. He is leaving no room for fraud of the actual market. You barking up the wrong tree. He is legally protected to say the same about market makers but he won't because he is crooked.

  2. I guess some of us are unable to read between the lines. For everyone else there’s MasterCard

  3. If only there was a governing body that would look out for these kinds of things going on amirite

  4. Something like that seems hardly worth the effort as there is clearly no pyramid scheme in the stock market lol

  5. You asking why they wouldn’t just close their short position and go long? I think you are describing a squeeze

  6. How exactly do you expect an algo to be impacted by positive investor sentiment?

  7. 9… I mean, yeah that would be interesting to try 🤐

  8. Fellow ape 👍 👍 👍 👍

  9. I'm so glad to see you are still here. If this ever happens, i would like to shake your hand and thank you in person for sticking to your commitment with the rest of us. All the others have been silenced or just disappeared. I love scrolling and seeing your posts.

  10. When it happens… we will have a pint

  11. Nah, I’d want a job where I can be up front with people

  12. Worked the desks on the long side before. Wasn’t the worst

  13. Also just noticed the rate increased again… that’s a 9500% increase in interest payment rate over the last year

  14. This is also where the real revenues are

  15. The price is irrelevant before a squeeze

  16. Congrats on your future millions

  17. Hmm. Mine only shows me 250 shares worth which is far below what I have purchased

  18. No one is acting like we mooned. Fake bulls will post that this is bullish when pressure is greater when it’s pushed down

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