1. I really think he just deleted it just because He knows any and every little thing he does is being watched. He probably in here rn looking at the comments.

  2. that's why he disables and reenables his spam all the time for example lol

  3. This whole album is the start of his GOAT status tbh. Very similar to Quadeca’s I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You in terms of how insane that level of growth is

  4. bro how is this a ''personal grail'' when the snippet dropped like 3 years ago on insta

  5. yeah i'd say so actually, what are you like ice spice's #1 fan? lol

  6. he's more talented because the music he creates is quite literally just better than ice spice's

  7. the beats are nearly identical listen closely

  8. bro these are some of the most common beats you’ll ever hear in your life

  9. i mean do they not sound very similar? same 808 pattern and similar melody. not saying trippie deliberately chose this beat to copy ken tho.

  10. stop posting about this clout chasing degenerate

  11. y'all losers need to get a life holy fucking shit the obsession u retards have for any another dude's looks is honestly fucking absurd and frankly embarrassing, lord have mercy on your pathetic souls

  12. veteran, hell yeah, and crack! by outlet1

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