1. I'm pretty sure the story of how the Minotaur came about is where cuck porn gets the term bull from. So by extension, that makes Minoans chads by default

  2. OP is a chad for not being cliche and referencing J.K Rowling

  3. There's a special place in doggy hell for the guy who bred the first pugs. The only lower circle is for the dingos who ate babies

  4. If Mario were actually racist, he would be attacking characters like Jynx (from League of Legends) and Terry Bogard

  5. The writers for the WW2 arc are overrated. They made the antagonist the most over the top and blatantly evil villains I've seen in a long time but also not much more competent than your average cartoon villain. And yet for some reason most fans of the Homo Sapiens franchise think that WW2 was peak writing. I'll take the Cold War sequel mini-series anyday

  6. This is one of the most normal pictures I've seen of Hitler when he was Fuhrer. He looks like he's wearing casual clothes and is just chilling in the forest. Remove the swastika and I can imagine this is some alternate timeline where he never went into politics and was just some guy

  7. You know as much as I hate Nazis I would microscopically (emphasis on microscopically) respect Neo-Nazis who admit the Holocaust happened and be happy it did rather than deny it more than Holocaust deniers. Again, they're fucking despicable and we're talking about 0% respect compared to 0.00001% respect but in that case they'd at least be honest about their evil

  8. French people in 2023: it is ok that we literally collaborated with Nazi Germany because only 75,000 people got deported to camps and we formed one of the least effective resistances in Europe that also had some of the lowest participation (as a % of the population)👍

  9. Spielberg depicting Nazi collaborators and tolerators as hardly any better in Indiana Jones was based

  10. Did you watch any Scorpo videos beforehand? He tends to use Cheems for the Nazis

  11. This is probably one of the high-ranking Nazi's secret fetish, it's just a question of who's

  12. the same as Romeboos and "Orthodox converts". kinda annoying, shitty takes aplenty, but not the level of Wehraboos, Tankies and Tojoboos.

  13. They're not glorifying a regime which considers war crimes war suggestions, so it's always a plus

  14. I mean... they were better representative of the "clean werhmacht myth", karl Plagge was an SS (i believe? a general) and saved jews he is in fact part of the righteous amongs't nation, i just hate that weebs who supposedly likes german history, wanks their tiny dongs on war criminals and inept generals.

  15. putting kids in death chambers and beating up eldery women beacause you are free to do so is 10x more evil. Fighting those bastard should be the law

  16. By "war itself" I mean it should be considered criminal BY EVERY GOVERNMENT. The only wholly good war is one of defense or to slay true evil

  17. I legit wonder if any major WW2 general deserved to be president more than Ike

  18. Oskar Dirlewanger comes off as if he was actively trying to see how evil a single human being could be

  19. You think when the Nazis called people "undeserving of life" they were psychologically projecting?

  20. Not an expert, but I believe it was in part because Allied propaganda played him up after his initial victories in North Africa. They’d rather claim they lost because their opponent was a genius than that they dropped the ball.

  21. I'm tempted to say the Third Reich was 100% evil, but I feel 100% may be just a bit too strong

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