AITA for not wanting my husband to walk his sister down the aisle?

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  1. Please don’t ever say this. It’s so annoying. No one is trying to put a poodle cut on a doodle I can assure you. Do you know how hard it is to do a poodle cut in the first place? Doodles don’t even have the right hair type to do it. If you’re doodle gets shaved because it’s matted it’s not a poodle cut.

  2. What a treasure ❤️❤️

  3. I swear by conditioners, and just started using this one specifically because the one I used to use doesn't exist anymore, especially for cotton thread. It stops fraying in it's tracks, and it takes away a lot of friction, which you may not notice now, but down the road the wear and tear on your hands and wrists will be evident and this stuff helps immensely. I have carpal tunnel (I'm a tattoo artist, and have been for almost 17 years), and this stuff makes a massive difference. It doesn't leave the thread sticky or gooey at all. It just makes it sleeker, without any residue. It's pretty incredible actually. It's a type of synthetic polymer that they have patented so there is quite seriously no substitute for this stuff. Wax and silicone DO NOT WORK THE SAME. Not by a long shot. I do cross stitch, intricate blackwork embroidery, machine sewing, and hand-sewing, and I use conditioner, now specifically Thread Magic for all of it. I only switched to Thread Magic about a week ago when my old one finally was no longer usable (It was called Thread Heaven and I used the product since I was 17, so almost 20 years, and bought as many as I could when they stopped producing them)66, and it is almost identical.

  4. Hello! Newb here, do you run the whole thread through? I have some but have been scared to use it lol

  5. You December babies are always whining about that! You want to really get ignored try a January birthday, everyone is broke and tired of presents!! Now that I have 2 grandkids with January bds I totally get it.

  6. Jan 6th, can confirm. Every year my mom always said the same damn thing…”Now jc3613 don’t expect anything for your birthday because Christmas was two weeks ago and no one has any money.” Cool, thanks mom 🙄🙄

  7. Now jc3613 don't expect anything for your cake day because Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

  8. 😂😂😂 I didn’t even notice it was my cake day! See.. I’ve been conditioned not to even pay attention to those things anymore. Thank you for the laugh, this has made my night.

  9. Grab a comb (you should own a metal greyhound style) can you easily comb through the hair from skin to ends? If not, your dog is matted and you may not be brushing him correctly.

  10. Just jumping in to say not all of us have cage dryers so that’s not always an option. If my dogs can’t handle the force dryer then they go home damp and we slowly work on building up to be able to handle the dryer.

  11. Thank you for your input. I'm still new to properly caring for this style of coat, and my worry about that is why I started taking him to a groomer. So, being not a professional, I am understanding that maybe there is something I'm missing in regard to the matting. I am able to comb all the way through his hair easily with the style of comb you guys mentioned(except the small spots behind the ears), so I hope that means I'm doing something right... I'm also looking into getting an additional one with finer teeth since reading your post too.

  12. If you are able to get the comb to the skin and begin combing and it goes through with no snags then you should be good, that’s what we do to check for matting. As far as her saying he was good the first couple of times maybe he was bc he was shorter and she didn’t really have to attempt to use clippers on him or do much scissor work or some groomers aren’t completely honest and just say they were fine when really they weren’t. I have no idea why some groomers do that because you’re basically setting yourself up for failure in the future and also giving the owners a false sense of what is really going on so when they take them to a new groomer they think all is well but the new groomer will quickly find out there are problems. I have run into so many like that and it is frustrating.

  13. I’ve just realized that with the person that I’m dating I’ll do the same thing my mother does to me whenever I’m frustrated/mad. I’ve tried to stop but it feels like my best way of coping with frustrations. I see so much of my mom in me and I despise it to hell

  14. I did exactly the same thing when I met my husband. I absolutely did not want to be like my mom, I hate how she treats people. I had to sit him down in the beginning and tell him I genuinely need him to point out when I’m being a b**** because if he didn’t do it in the moment I wouldn’t realize what I was doing. Having him say something like, “remember that time you did….” Would not help me to recognize when I was acting crazy. I assured him that I would not be mad at him when he would point this out for me because I genuinely wanted to change. It definitely helped me to stop that behavior, it took time and a lot of introspection in the moment but now I can recognize the feeling and I can redirect it. I’ve also been no contact with my mom for the better part of 12 years, she is the only person that can trigger me in like 2 seconds and turn me right back into that person I’ve been working so hard not to be and I absolutely hate it she has that power over me that’s why I can’t have contact with her among other things. I wish you the best on your journey, it can be done with a lot of work.

  15. I will pet every dog I see and they are so happy to get pets and say hi. but kids..I try to avoid eye contact lol

  16. Love this!! Adding it to my quilting bucket list!

  17. Hilarious, made my day lol

  18. Daria (black female Staffordshire terrier pit Bull) is 6 years old. She had a litter of her own at age 2. All pups re-homes to friends and family. Pepper (white femaleAmerican bulldog mutt mix) was found at 5 weeks old. They have lived every day together for the last 3+ years. Daria was compassionate and raised her like her own. They groom each other and cuddle every night. That was until last night. They both sleep in our bed with us. At 1 am Daria lashed out on pepper biting her very aggressively and it took all my strength to pull them apart. I thought maybe she got startled or something in her sleep. In the morning, both cuddling on top of each other. Then today, unprovoked, Daria has attacked pepper viciously, even puncturing skin, 3 separate times. There is no idea between myself and my wife what is happening. This is so unlike her, literally the most docile dog I’ve ever been around. I have them separated but now I fear an attack on myself, my wife or heaven forbid one of my kids. I can’t keep them separated every day cause there is just no way. Any idea why this would be happening or what is causing this. I fear the worst. A vet neurologist visit is like $1700. I’m scared to see what might happen. Any advice is helpful and welcomed. Thank you.

  19. I had two Staffies, mother and daughter combo so they had been together ever since the one was born. They were fine and loved each other very much for roughly 6 years. Then one day they just all of a sudden hated each other. It was a lot of small spats to start and then it got really serious to the point they couldn’t even be in the same room together. We tried everything; drugs, professional training in home.. just everything. Nothing worked and they would always attack each other, it was my older one just going after her own daughter. Nothing could be done to resolve their issues. We ended up completely separating them, we installed a half door in our house splitting the house is two. One would have access to the kitchen where a bed was set up and they would have access to the back yard which they could go in and out as they pleased bc there was a dog door. The other got access to the living room and us. We’d switch them out every few hours to keep it fair. That’s what we did for years, the only other option was euthanizing one of them and we couldn’t do it. They were perfectly fine as long as they didn’t see each other. There’s a lot more to what we endured leading up to complete separation but it’s a long story so I just wanted to shorten it. It was hell for awhile for sure. Our house ended up being this military like run operation just keeping them away from each other. It definitely had long lasting affects on us too especially after they passed and we started looking for another dog, we damn near ruined the new boy because we were so damn paranoid but he helped us through our own fears and now I have three greyhounds that all get along just fine.

  20. Too cute!! I love it. I have a full sleeve and the forearm suuuuucked.

  21. Yeah.. most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt! I would love to get a full sleeve done though! I just have no idea of what… :/

  22. Figuring out what to do is tough for me too, you only get one go at it so you better love it! No pressure lol

  23. Been about 10 years and I do not regret it. It was hard at first because she’s my mom and I really want to have a relationship with her but I refuse to allow her to treat me the way she does. My therapist said I can either accept her the way she is or not. I chose not because I can’t deal with the amount of pain she causes me when she’s mad and I would rather deal with a little pain daily of not having her in my life. I had another therapist tell me that the version of my mom that I want is not reality, she’ll never be that person and that person only lives in my head. It does get easier emotionally as time goes by or at least it has for me. I really don’t see us ever having a relationship again.

  24. Oh but it looks so cute!!! You really can pull that off.

  25. When I try to sleep I swear I have to get up 3 times before I can fall asleep… so probably yes 😂

  26. My husband didn’t even hesitate to get a vasectomy when we wanted permanent birth control. He would rather have an outpatient visit to get fixed vs me going under for a full on surgery. A good partner genuinely cares about your well-being. Your boyfriend sounds like an inconsiderate a**hole.

  27. First, congrats! Grooming can be so rewarding but you really have to love it even through the hard parts. I love grooming and have had my own grooming business for around 10 years. I love dogs and just want to be surrounded by them all the time. I actually started a mobile grooming business while I was in college as a part time job where I had flexibility for my college classes, I ended up falling in love with grooming and I wish I would have known it prior to starting my degree lol I have the degree but I’ll never use it. Patience is key when it comes to grooming. If you’re frustrated then they pick up on it. If you are getting too stressed out then you should step away (not really step away bc you have to stay close to your dog, I mean mentally) catch your breath and recenter yourself. Remember they are just dogs and aren’t intentionally trying to frustrate you, they are just doing what they do. Not all dogs groom the same, some are wonderful, some are spicy and some are straight up awful and have to be sent home not groomed. I’m not sure where you are starting at and how much control you have over sending them home but hopefully it’s a good place that understands that. As far as clients go you do have to deal with them albeit not as much as other jobs but you do have to learn to understand what they are asking because they don’t speak groomer. They are the same as the dogs; some are amazing, some are spicy and some are awful and need to get fired. I will say I have the most amazing clients, I truly love them and feel like they are part of my family. I have also run into some really awful ones, I don’t keep those kind of clients. Again, I get to make those decisions as the owner so I’m not sure how much control you will have.

  28. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I’ve never met one that’s not super snuggly. Mine prioritizes being on or near me over pretty much everything in life.

  29. As a groomer this is the first one I would have said. Every cav I’ve ever worked with is sooooo sweet and so affectionate. It’s the one breed I’d go for after I’m forced to go small because of my age. I never want a dog I’d have to groom all the time but I could make an exception for them.

  30. Yup currently have my bony lump of a whippet curled up next to me.

  31. I have greyhounds and I’ve got my 85# boy laying on top of me and my 75# boy laying next to me. We are all snuggled together on a king size bed. My girl only cuddles on her terms lol.

  32. Potatoes are safe for me so I’d give it a 1.

  33. YTA. Man, I usually don’t comment on these but this one makes me so mad. I have no contact with either of my biological parents, my mother is still alive but my father died. My mom is a narcissist which caused me to be no contact with her. My mom was not invited to my wedding, I don’t care that she’s my mom and is still alive. She certainly didn’t deserve to be there. I had my younger sister walk me down the isle because I can’t think of anyone that I would rather have by my side than her. Not everyone has the “ideal” family relationship and if she wants her brother to walk her down the isle than that is not your place to even say anything, get over yourself and stop pushing your expectations of tradition on someone else. If you’re fortunate to have a healthy relationship with your mother and father then count yourself lucky and keep your mouth shut.

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