1. I was non career for 4 years. I hope it gets changed soon to where it’ll count.

  2. Tell management you’re getting stoned tonight

  3. That ain’t no rough cut. That looks fire

  4. Shouldn’t the LLV have a plexiglass divider if 2 people are going to be In the truck together

  5. Should I still be level 1 if I’ve been a regular over 3 years?

  6. Most I've ever seen for a single route is 19 trays, most I've ever carried is 13. I've heard of people getting more than 25, which would be over 10,000 DPS.

  7. You aren't, just say it is your day off and you are already a 6 pack in.

  8. That’s the line I always used as a CCA.

  9. I'd say a lot of the problem is incompetence. Upper-level management frequently seems to have no idea what they're actually supposed to do. Likely because so many of them have never actually held a job in the USPS other than management. Hard to really get what our jobs take if you've never actually done any of them. But they have the power to enact policy, and they use that power to enact stupid policies. Example: in our area (maybe all areas, I don't know) carriers are supposed to spend no more then 1 hour per day (morning and afternoon combined) on office time, regardless of mail volume. Go even 1 tick over, and then you get to have an 1899 done on you for the next three days. Mail volume varies wildly from day-to-day, so you might need 90 minutes of office time one day, but only 30 the next. I could go on and on (and on), but this already seems like a bit of a wall of text. So, TL;DR: Very.

  10. Everyone gets their fixed office time. Sounds like a grievance needs to be filed.

  11. It’ll be the least flexible and unpredictable job you’ve ever had. You’ll get done and be about to clock out and you’ll have to go back out and deliver more mail

  12. Literally run if you have to!! Then when you hit your 90 days you can chill

  13. I had something I wanted to be my career. I found my career. I loved what I did.

  14. Once they've signed the papers, they are no longer a union member. There isn't a grievance strong enough to bring them back sadly. They'll have to reapply.

  15. Well technically I’m the lowest CCA Seniority in my Office. There is only 2 of us CCA’s and the other has a 1 week seniority on me. Thank you so much. I kinda figured they couldn’t.

  16. If they don’t bring you back, just know that if they have to hire a CCA anytime in the next 18 months, they must take you back first.

  17. If it doesn’t say anything in the top right corner then it’s also not ubbm

  18. I’m on a last chance agreement. Was told by my union rep to talk to the postmaster.

  19. On a last chance agreement why would you sign that? Should’ve told your local you wanna fight and send it up.

  20. Really wanna hear some shit, my union president told me to sign it as it was my best option to return to the post office last year. I signed it AFTER I turned regular and filed a grievance to have it dismissed that went to arbitration and was told it was sticking around due to when it was signed.

  21. Yea man. Fight everything to the bitter end, even if your local steward tells you otherwise. Call your business agents and fight for yourself

  22. I thought there weren’t any Covid protocols anymore???

  23. You can’t just come back and leave after you hit 12 hours. You have to do the work and then grieve it later. Call the office to ask what to do.

  24. So something makes them feel in danger?

  25. "Is the carrier supposed to go back to the office to ask for further instructions at that point?"

  26. Thank you. Is there a source for this that I can refer to if it comes down to it though

  27. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for but couldn’t find. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  28. What was the situation? Were you scheduled to work and didn’t show up, or did they say you was scheduled to work when you weren’t?

  29. I was scheduled to work and called out at about 5:15am, two hours before start time

  30. So if you called off then you’re not AWOL. I hope you have your reference number assuming you called the 1-800 number?

  31. How's the weather over there? There are loads of things you can put in the 3996 for more time on the street. Remember you are the professional. If they ask you what happened, and it is overage time that wasn't indicated on a 96 or communicated while on the street, just let them know something vague and that you will do the best you can. They can always follow you and see you doing your best, and that is just about it.

  32. Nope I don’t want a light duty or anything like that. Just want them to get off my ass for being over on a long route

  33. Sounds like long Covid, which is hard to diagnose. Talk to your doctor, though. They are getting better at recognizing this. It is real and can affect just about every aspect of your life. I wish you the best…

  34. Thanks. But is there like any FMLA I can get for this?

  35. Any chance the pay rates go back to the older contract where it was way higher?

  36. 1 1/5 years? I thought it expires on 5/20/23? That’s 10 months away

  37. I also think when smart contracts become available, there will be a lot of XLM locked up in lending/borrowing pools etc

  38. If a carrier gets a dui outside of work he wont lose his job so why would a janitor?

  39. So what happens if a city carrier gets a dui off the clock but loses their license?

  40. That’s it? If you worked today you should’ve been placed on EP

  41. Yes if you only had a half hour of sleep, your attention/reactions will be off a little.

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