1. lets slide my big cock deep inside her

  2. would love to fuck those tits and cum all over them

  3. yes lets see have them watch you cum all over me

  4. never lets go to the beach with you like this

  5. yes lets slide my big cock inside you

  6. soak it over night rice absorbs water

  7. yes but we need to take off the mask

  8. we dont deserve dogs, they are pure joy and love

  9. you have done nothing wrong. He needs to see someone about his OCD

  10. Go live your life, you owe it to yourself. They may feel like your responsibility but they are not. You dont want to regret sacrificing your life. You are NTA, you are a saint. Time to live for yourself, dont let your father guilt you. I hope you find a path you can live with. I wish you well, please take care of yourself, its time.

  11. smashing all day would be a great monday, you are amazing

  12. you have requested on the invitation no one under 21.

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