I was the idiot today. Slow down when it's raining.

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  1. Probably only through the streaming services, not sure if you dish may have it.

  2. Just learn from this, next time you might not be so lucky and might hurt yourself, or worse others

  3. Are you ever going to get that milk you left 10 years ago to go get and never came back?

  4. Same stock wheels and tires? Looks good!

  5. I’m going to build an aluminum Prinsu style roof rack and a rear mounted ladder. I use this as a daily driver + an adventure vehicle for taking clients to cool locations (I’m an adventure elopement photographer). Since the rack and the bumper all link together, I figured I’d switch them all out and offer it as a single kit

  6. Oh nice can’t wait to see when you are done!

  7. Topo Designs Edition Leatherman Skeletool with Case

  8. I had a bunch of these! Sears was my first job when I was 17 lol

  9. Bobby Wallace! Her and her boyfriend have YouTube channels that focus on cars!

  10. If this was mine there is NO way I would be parking this on the street! haha

  11. What did you take this photo with?! Looks amazing!

  12. That’s awesome! I am 29 now but when I was 9 years old my grandfather died and I tried to get the leather man back that my mother and I got him for his birthday not long before he died but couldn’t find it :/ Keep this forever!

  13. Whoa I have never saw a Gameboy Light! That’s awesome! Maybe cooler than my PSP with gameboy games on it lol

  14. Love it! I actually just bought blue titanium hardware for my 9 year old, Black, Benchmade Griptilian!

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