1. This post needs to be revised to read. The grammar/spelling could be better. I'm wondering why I continued reading after the first few sentences.

  2. My lord. Do you really need a study to see the potential benefit of these changes?

  3. I love the fit of the Wrangler Rancher Dress Jeans, but the material is itchy. Any suitable replacements with a similar fit? Thanks in advance for any replies...

  4. I've done TB-500 and BPC together, and CJC-1295 and BPC. I think peptides work best when stacked, but YMMV.

  5. For me, it's about finding other things to look forward to--like feeling much better the next day. Also, feeling great is a powerful inducement not to drink, so strenuous exercise might help. Finally, have you considered trying THC again? I take a hit or two weekly and am not too concerned about ill health impacts.

  6. I took creatine for several years to great benefit but stopped last year when I felt it might contribute to nighttime wakings (to pee).

  7. It’s literally not. Most people over dramatize it’s potential. Watch once you try it you’ll be disappointed. At least I was. Been on it for almost 10 days now and very little difference in joint pain, in fact I’ve had some regression with it.

  8. Ten days? Are you calling it a disappointment after ten days?

  9. Then stop looking at peptides--or any supplement. Most peptides work best pinned. And they all have side effects.

  10. I'm a longtime barefoot runner who prefers to walk barefoot as much as possible. I often wear Vivos. But my preferred summertime shoe? Vans with the insole ripped out. (I then use a thin leather sole). Or Rivieras. Or Sabahs. What I'm saying is: you don't necessarily need to buy a "barefoot" shoe.

  11. Man, this is one of the most depressing threads I've read in a while.

  12. Why is it depressing that people have their reasons are not wanting to have kids?

  13. Because a lot of these reasons (prior abuse, chronic illness, money woes) are unfortunate reasons to miss out on the life-changing joy of having children.

  14. I know what it is. I was wondering why the OP uses it.

  15. (Asking because I'm considering taking Zyrtec for some allergic skin issues, but I am very hesitant because of potential side effects).

  16. I Workout 5-6x per week, sleep 10 hours per night and track every single macro… hasn’t done anything for me in regards to my libido.

  17. With all respect, maybe you are overthinking - overanalyzing all of this. When I was 18, I wasn't "tracking every macro," let alone checking my testosterone. And the way you talk about it, as "low libido," seems to pin a definitive label on something that may or may not have anything to do with libido. Just try to chill about it if you can.

  18. Simon from Permanent Style looks so boring in the context of these other fits. I tend to dress like Simon, so it's food for thought.

  19. I followed a specific protocol using Natren. Since then, I’ve done maintenance protocols with different probiotics. Recently, I use Just Thrive.

  20. Thanks for the reply. I've tried Natren. I'm glad it helped you.

  21. I just started on Dexcom last week (G7) on my left arm. Shortly thereafter I developed a mild rash across my torso (and a little on the arms.) It has not spread any farther. I am still not sure the cause (Dexcom?) but the timing matches. I am not confident that it's the adhesive moving as I have yet to complete the first ten days and I have not removed the sensor or the covering patch. Good luck. I thought I should post here to aid the Dexcom support learning about potential side effects.

  22. Thank you. I've wondered if the irritant/allergen can create a systemic response, spreading to different body parts beyond the sensor.

  23. Do you test your Vitamin D levels? Sun exposure is beneficial (in moderation).

  24. Is Deep Ink the new Blue AF? Or Indigo Navy? Hard to tell what might be closer to Blue AF. Thanks for any replies!

  25. Dude. NWS are closer to 9 (and a bit). And the question was about the cut not the inseam.

  26. The fact that you’re thinking this exhaustively about the subject may be more harmful than any theoretical oxygen loss.

  27. My favorite shorts are well-loved chinos that I have my tailor turn into shorts (it costs about $20). I had a few old J. Crew chinos that are now my favorite shorts.

  28. The fit may be different, but I love John Elliot's tees. You can usually find the standard crews on Grailed and other similar sites. The co-mix tees wear like sweater t-shirts. I love them.

  29. Why? They have been studied in parts of the world for years.

  30. I was being (somewhat) facetious. I just don’t know a lot about them.

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