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  1. It's called sleight of hand as per magicians.

  2. Same as all great philosophers and beautiful ladies do, shit.

  3. How much smart does this lady to average english speaking ladies? Just asking.

  4. How can someone be so creative with real life possibilities. ?

  5. No, use only youtube premium, it's cheap and dump the shitty tv channels.

  6. Check his name calls himself HARSH. Fucked up trash asshole.

  7. Enthu kunthavanenkilum karyam verumbol rundu kootarum vazhakum undakum ,thalum, Paisa kooduthal vangikum.

  8. Why do my mind reads citu even though it's written intuc there?

  9. You mean the same India that send two times modi in power?

  10. No I am against fascism and all other instruments of violence, what ever option available against this is should be considered best option.

  11. Typical move of all religions.. Different versus in the same book will be contradictory.. so will always have some verse in handy to trap everyone

  12. But let me remind you, Those who take things too seriously, and don't enjoy satire are not.

  13. Ya.. I am an atheist. Waiting for the day everyone bows to science. There is no satire in science.

  14. But nature has its satire at science, for ex measurement problem or duality or non local.. etc.

  15. Looks cool as hell! Might check it if reviews are good :)

  16. Wait, Let's check who's doing the item dance.

  17. I don't use the skin of the cardamom. Just extract those seeds and crush them real fine and use them for tea or for any dish.

  18. Exactly, you said it precisely. Ummah.

  19. I wonder what should would do with other parts.

  20. She's like, it's a pretty day, why don't go and take a shit at a public place and pretend it's not my shit.

  21. I desperately wanted this video to end with the American with a broken jaw. What an asshole.

  22. Definitely, this would have end up in third degree if the poor is reacted equally provocative, if we think again it's bit of relief that he dint do it.

  23. That's a lot of information

  24. Those who made the video thinks they can act like god and any unfair editing they can and call it entertainment, no shit.

  25. Someone show this to those who made Instagram. Please.

  26. Theoretically that's fine as long as it's not given power until after it's totally dry

  27. Yes tap water may contain salts that can improve the circuits very well.

  28. It's some k-pop song, wired, shows some thing like monkey s finding tools, what tool a mic.

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