1. One day I'll get a legendary FB marketplace score, haha. Well done OP! Gorgeous set.

  2. Better watch out for that leg. Held together with fishing line and chewing gum, I'm told.

  3. Ours has been the same since built. Yours you decided to butcher last season for...reasons.

  4. So being an old mistake makes it a better mistake? Weird logic.

  5. $2.5k sealed on Amazon. Might want to consider selling it :)

  6. Closer to $700-800 in actual sales. Amazon list price is meaningless.

  7. 4m GP and I still don't have a good Inquisitor squad. You'll be fine without them.

  8. Goldeneye just came out. There's your game!

  9. Especially the spike/vicious/Julie dynamic. It was completely off. They added so much that was jist unnecessary. Then They turned vicious into a sniveling wimp and Julie was completely unlikable and not compelling.

  10. Shakir as Jet especially was absolutely fantastic. Faye was off, to me, but I think less on Pineda's acting and more on the direction she was receiving. Hassell and Satine as Vicious and Julia were absolutely dreadful.

  11. Palpatine telling Anakin that the secret to keeping Padme from dying in childbirth was in the Archives at the Jedi Temple - in the restricted section available only to Jedi Masters. Makes his reaction to not being granted the rank of Master a lot less 'petulant child' and a lot more 'desperate spouse'.

  12. If a player is a high-paid marquee player for a team, they're always gonna wait for the whole thing to play out. If he's a marginal roster player, or in the minors, they cut him ASAP. It's how it works in every other major sport too.

  13. Billy Butcher out here slicing and dicing baseball fans in between superheroes.

  14. Yeah I really should. It just sucks that often they're the only option to get these figures at MSRP.

  15. I understand the temptation, trust me! It especially sucks they get exclusives. But man, I've seen so many mangled figures from Amazon. I'd only buy anything from them if you intend to display OOB. Even then, you might end up with a completely unrelated figure in the box. Amazon is a total crap shoot.

  16. You need both of them eventually so it doesn't matter which one you go for first.

  17. Irvin is far from a bad pitcher. And Hernaiz is the Orioles #16 prospect. They'll be fine.

  18. Man those prospect lists are so far behind reality. Dive deeper and look at more up to date information and you’ll see Hernaiz much higher in the system. Extreme example, but Prospects Larceny (which is a data based ranker) has Hernaiz as the Orioles #3 hitter and #34 in baseball.

  19. I also watch a lot of Orioles baseball. The plan was always to amass a glut of prospects and move them for pitching. I don't think Irvin is as bad as you assert, and I don't think Hernaiz is as good as you assert. But we'll see.

  20. Ugh why does it have to be an obscenely expensive set.

  21. He’s also pitching in front of the Great Wall of Camden though. I’m guessing they expect his home splits to still be similar to the Coliseum, maybe a little worse?

  22. Excuse me, that's Lord Walltimore to you.

  23. Lord Walltimore of House Oriole. First of His Name, King of the Camden, and the Fells Point, and the Inner Harbor. Lord of the Six Divisions.

  24. Yeah. Squad Arena is a waste of time lol.

  25. That bill had basically the same abortion rules that France and many other Western European countries have.

  26. You can fuck off with this uninformed opinion, by the way.

  27. On EA Play as well, which is included with a GamePass Ultimate subscription.

  28. I misread the title as "10yo son" and couldn't figure out why a 10-year-old couldn't have this toy 😂

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