1. The circular warp rooms can in fact be used to fast-travel. Just press down on the Dpad instead of up.

  2. Wow....I was not aware of this. Now I feel dumb

  3. I literally discovered this at the very end of my 2nd ever playthrough of the game (first one was when I was a teen, second one was earlier this month). Had no idea either. Bet there's lots of people who never figured it out at all. The game never explains to you that warp points can be used for more than swapping castles (or maybe it does it only in the manual so a lot of us who played it digitally/emulated missed out).

  4. Apparently you have to collect Hint Card 3 first

  5. From what I understand, the game used a lot of its budget on other facets and had to compromise hard on the sound chip, using a really crappy one. Personally I like the compositions themselves, but the sound in and of itself is quite poor (would honestly sound poor on the NES), which is a shame. There are some nice remixes on Youtube, like Jorge Fuentes' stuff, which is very faithful. I keep hoping someone will make a mod to give the game better versions of its music.

  6. Don't really understand why so many people complained about CotM being dark. It is, but I kinda liked how it made the entire castle feel ominous and evil

  7. People literally could not see what was going on in the game for this reason- this wasn't the case in every single screen, of course, but it shouldn't have been a problem at all.

  8. That makes sense. On the GBA SP this was never an issue for me, but the original GBA (which didn't have a built in backlight) I remember wishing it was brighter

  9. Yeah, enhance shards levels up the rank of your current shards, but crafting new shards (or anything else) requires the craft menu.

  10. It's more convenient to use than invert IMO. I find invert to be more "situationally useful"

  11. I agree with everything in the OP for the most part, but i think having a "smaller" shop that sells mostly consumables is fine to have. That way you aren't forced to grind for healing items and such if you're the kind of player that relies on them regularly

  12. I wouldn't have minded it if she'd disappeared immediately rather than on the wedding day. Just ended up feeling like cheap emotional manipulation to me the way it happened.

  13. Would have made more sense too, considering she felt Aku "leave her" almost immediately

  14. I just went directly to the last boss and then spend like half an hour killing him. It was less fun than I was expecting.

  15. Tell that to the guy who (in Dark souls 3) fought slave knight gael at SL1 with bare fists and took over 9 hours to pull off

  16. The valkyrie tiara chest is hidden to the left of that chest (jump to get to it). I had the same issue

  17. This is something that I've always both hated and appreciated about castlevania games (and obviously bloodstained, and to a lesser extent soulsborne games)

  18. Wait, is this a thing? Not supposed to use slot 1? I'm on PC if it matters

  19. this sounds like something ymfah would do

  20. Given that this is in an entire mall, either choice is honestly fine. The gorilla is going to be much easier to spot from a distance, but is also likely to be stressed out due to the unfamiliarity of the environment, meaning if it sees you it could be more aggressive than usual

  21. Aaaaa, awesome thanks. Never done a ninja playthtough. Maybe I do that next.

  22. Shiva also sells really good weapons, so make sure you get what you want from him before you kill the bodyguard

  23. I believe so, also the Uchigatana and demon greataxe

  24. Largely depends on what I'm winning/losing

  25. Do you own property? If so, set up a trust at the same time and name your kid(s) as successors.

  26. I do not own property and my wife and I still have student loan debt so not much in the wealth dept lol.

  27. Extra money is nice, but having an extra day each week is invaluable

  28. If you're playing SOTFS you'll need a fragrant branch to get past the statue

  29. Anyone who can eat their age in costco hot dogs deserves a prize.

  30. Craziest thing is that this wouldn't even cost that much for the amount of food you'd have lol

  31. The Atlantic slave trade was so fundamental to our current global economy and first world nations/superpowers that no one can even imagine how vastly different our world would look if it never happened. That said, it was beyond horrific and should never have happened....so I'll pick that one. Not only the morality of it but also just out of sheer morbid curiosity to how else humanity would screw each other over without it....and to see if a different global superpower akin to modern day USA would emerge.

  32. Honest answer, there'd be some serious tension. My wife would immediately have questions for my supposed clone (where's my car, how'd I get here from work which is an hour away, etc) and I would certainly wonder if this clone had malicious intent to take over my life (especially since my wife is pregnant with our first)

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