1. This is the normal screen when the Max has been reset. If you don’t see the WiFi menu in the upper right, restart a couple of times and it should show up. That is a known bug that was fixed in macOS 12.4.

  2. Can I have both on the same external drive? I just need to make a separate partition for the backup right?

  3. You can, but it kinda defeats the purpose. I generally store my clone backup somewhere else - like at my office, so if say my house gets broken into or burns down I still have my data safe somewhere. I’d just buy a cheap HD the same size or slightly bigger than your main drive and use that for a clone and keep it stored off site.

  4. Currently I'm mainly interested in just backing/cloning my entire system. I want to try to upgrade my iMac 2011 from High Sierra to Monterey using a patch. It's recommended to do a clean install. And also, if it's buggy or doesn't work right, I want to have the option to just go back to how things were, without reinstalling apps or setting up things all over again. So I'm wondering if TM or CCC is better for this, I guess the latter will be better.

  5. Then I would just do a clone. It’s much faster, and once you transfer everything back setup TimeMachine. That way if it fails the upgrade, you just boot from the clone and clone it back.

  6. Looks like you’re doing a screen recording. Click the “stop” button in the menu bar. (Circle with the square inside).

  7. First gen Apple Remote. Came with Macs and original AppleTV back in the day.

  8. I loved using this for presentations back in the day.

  9. Even had a magnet and would stick to your iMac.

  10. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208510

  11. I’m new to using a MacBook. I thought that was what I needed to access my data from my camera. I plug my camera in but nothing pops up on my Mac.

  12. Open the Image Capture app or Photos and it should show your camera and allow you to import.

  13. Thank you so much. I knew it was probably something simple I just couldn’t figure it out.

  14. I'm a little confused i maybe be mistaken but isn't activiation lock fairly new? I'm not sure how you could have turned it on a few years ago.

  15. I think Activation lock for Mac came with either the T1 or T2 chip. So at least 2018, maybe 2016.

  16. The update's content can also overwrite existing files, so not necessarily.

  17. And delete files that are no longer needed.

  18. Appreciate this. When you mean the "update is applied to the new volume" you mean the contents of the 1.55 GB update are written into the new volume increasing the size of the new volume or potentially even overwriting some files to keep the volume the same?

  19. Yes. The update only contains changed or new files and those are written to the new volume.

  20. Open Disk utility, select “Macintosh HD - Data” you should see any available snapshots. If you select one you can mount it and recover your data from there.

  21. I did that through Easeus but what do you mean by available snapshots? I'm searching for the documents (mostly docx).

  22. https://support.apple.com/guide/disk-utility/view-apfs-snapshots-dskuf82354dc/mac

  23. I try to hold out 4-5 years and resist the shiny new temptation.

  24. Last I checked Apple Retail can’t enroll devices in ABM. You need to buy direct from Apple Corporate or a reseller.

  25. It will only be there if you are logged in as an Admin user.

  26. I’m running macOS Monterey and the reason I made this thread is because the link you posted runs in a circle in my particular situation. I have no idea why options aren’t there.

  27. In Monterey, just open System Preferences and select “Erase All Content and Settings”

  28. It just closes all windows in the active app.

  29. Apple doesn’t charge before they do a diagnostic. I assume that they quoted you the max cost of a repair if it turns out to be a hardware issue.

  30. I returned mine within the 90 days because I couldn't stomach paying that much for old wifi, hdmi, and ufs implementations. The audio constantly crackled and popped during my workloads. Apparently that's a feature until apple moves on from the t2 chip.

  31. The M1/2 Macs do not have a T2 chip. The T2 was added to Intel based systems to improve security.

  32. Notice on the UK page where it says includes VAT of approx £359? The US price does not include tax as that is calculated based on your shipping address.

  33. How much is that tax, out of interest? I know it is zero in some states, how high can it go?

  34. https://taxfoundation.org/2022-sales-taxes/

  35. What Mac do you have is it M1/M2 or Intel?

  36. You could bring it in, but there’d likely be a fee. If you don’t feel like you can do it (or if your family doesn’t) you can bring it in.

  37. Apple doesn’t charge for software support.

  38. Yes because I am sure Apple and Microsoft are rival companies and it’s quite weird and pointless for Apple to use Excel on the ad instead of their own Numbers app.

  39. Microsoft is a competitor in the OS market yes, but they are also the largest Apple developer and without Office running on the Mac most companies would not even consider allowing Macs in their environment. So it’s in Apple’s best interest to promote MS Office.

  40. Yes, until Christians can keep out of everyone else's business then that is exactly my attitude. I had Christianity forced on me as a child and had to live through the abuses and psychological terror it forces on small children, just to grow up and see all the bullshit that it is. I have every right to be angry.

  41. Well I’m sorry that you experienced that. I’m sorry that you are so angry. What you describe is not Christianity, it’s people trying to control others. I don’t see how my comment about God loving everyone brought about such a response, but I’d encourage you to look at what the Bible actually says, not what the evangelical right has manipulated it’s message to be.

  42. I've heard the exact response so many times it doesn't mean anything. You also seem to be under the impression that I've never read the Bible.... I have. But as the saying goes "the road to atheism is littered with bibles that have been read cover to cover".

  43. Well, I’m glad that you feel informed in you decision. I hope that it goes well for you.

  44. I mean 4 years ago 128gb stick of DDR4 was 4k$

  45. Thick bezels + not rounded bezels = not apples It’s just a smart watch that wants to copy the outside looks of an apple watch.

  46. I haven’t used it in a while, but try EXIF Tool

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