1. Both robins, I'm voting f!robin even tho 3 houses is going to ruin the banner....

  2. Make it easier for everyone who's looking

  3. LB54 says:

    Is Grusha male or female? Earlier leaks were saying Male

  4. Male, confirmed by literal official sources

  5. They’ve been spawning as Zoruas for me. I do have a shiny Giratina Origin as buddy so not sure that affects it.

  6. That happened to me earlier. Possibly with the temporary duping glitch now disabled

  7. Well in this case I mean a pod/draft situation. However the way I’d see it ruled is if both players have activated this ultimate ability, they play a sub game of some other game (preferably Pokémon, yugioh, or some other tcg) to see which ability takes precedence. It states you win every game of magic, not every card game. Thus, the tournament must be decided some other way.

  8. Finally, sideboarding a blue-eyes works out

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