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  1. So after yesterday’s AH “sell off” the price just traded almost perfectly flat today. I’m starting to think it wasn’t a real sell off. I call shenanigans.

  2. Wait you’re saying that the price ISN’T supposed to stagnate with 19 million in volume (almost 4x average volume)???????

  3. Can’t speak on Skylight but if you see anything listed by Moss & Co. avoid like the plague.

  4. Whatever you do, avoid SIG Property Management. They’re shady af

  5. Given how quickly the light turns green, looks like the car and the motorcycle were trying to beat the yellow light. Hope that rider is okay and back out there.

  6. You’re correct. He ran the red, motorcyclist was in the wrong here. Look at the top light on the left, it is red while the motorcyclist hadn’t even broken the crosswalk.

  7. Jesus, no, you’re wrong and misinterpreting what I’m saying.

  8. Auto loans are amortized. Just like a mortgage, the interest owed is front-loaded in the early payments.

  9. Comparison of paying off $20,000, 5.99%, 60 month auto loan at 1 year or $4,000:

  10. “You’ll see some more activity from us involving short sellers sometime in the next few months.” - Avi Perry

  11. Not enough info to accurately recalculate EMI, but EMI also shouldn’t change with additional payments. If you make additional payments to the principal balance of a loan, it reduces the duration, not the EMI.

  12. It's also flipped on Safari for Mac for me, so I'm going to assume this is some deeply complex image metadata problem that given the rarity probably isn't worth the time to track down in depth

  13. Thanks for submitting a bug! Please ensure the following information is included in the comments or body of the post.

  14. App and iOS version: Latest Device Type: iPhone 11 Pro Reproducibility: every time I click the photo and have restarted app

  15. If you bought the bike thinking it was a clean title and found out after the purchase that it was salvage, I would probably talk to the cops bro. Straight up fraud right there.

  16. I was going to but I had my mechanic check the bike out and he says it's almost like new so even if the title is salvage it is what it is at this point this inspection is all that's left to do plus to go threw the cops they'd take their sweet ass time.

  17. Fair enough. Just sucks that the bike will be harder to sell even if it’s like new:/

  18. You’d better feed the receipt bot at the GameStop in The Shops:)

  19. I mean, we know it’s been naked shorted as well. I just don’t remember the SEC ever saying it’s even happening.

  20. It was implied on Page 29 of the report, but the data was inconclusive.

  21. Great work jake! Your meow is a mighty rawr 🎷🐓♋️

  22. 13 year old me is kicking myself for making that my Reddit username

  23. Doesn’t the quote below imply that it doesn’t need to be a “covered holding” as it states “any other holding.” So essentially if the Secretary deems the holding structure to be “designed or intended to evade” they can cause you to divest? Imo that leaves it up to such broad interpretations of intent on such a wide range of “holdings.” It doesn’t seem like it specifies foreign companies either as it just states “any other holding.”

  24. No. I’m replying with a request for a source to someone’s claim that it is legal for the government to set a price and force a buyout of a non-bankrupt company

  25. Okay, but they’re still assets. I don’t really see the difference other than one is tied to the value of a company while one is tied to the scarcity of the asset. What motive, other than the Federal Government telling them to sell their gold, did people have to sell the gold? Same deal applies with DRSd shares, no incentive to sell unless the government can somehow force you to. All I am doing is providing precedent that they have mandated buybacks of physical assets in the past. Sure, stocks are different than gold, but why would they not try to do this with something as immaterial as a stock if they successfully did it with gold?

  26. I guess it just depends on how they decide to view gold vs company shares. One is a finite resource with intrinsic value, and the other can be printed, like paper currency, easily devalued, and is just a representation of a company, which itself can change in value.

  27. My 9 years of auditing experience concur with you. A language like this is reviewed with a fine comb. Auditors don't like changes in language.

  28. Yup. Generally want to be able to compare quarter over quarter or year over year numbers to a general date (usually 30/31 of the quarter end) for consistencies sake. Definitely weird to use March 22nd…

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