1. Okay I just looked up moruga Madness and it doesn't seem to be nearly as hot as anything I have had. I'm calling you out have you even had the last dab? I mean honestly it sounds like sour grapes to me.

  2. Yeah definitely not 2m scoville. I have 2m scoville pepper extract that’s much hotter

  3. Extracts are a little bit different. But I'm curious I didn't see anywhere on your YouTube channel that you tried the last dab. Maybe you could try it recommend some alternatives on your YouTube channel.

  4. I would love it if there were some sources to this information. That way I could have a starting point on where to begin research.

  5. We have beer, cider, white claw, nutrl, the standard mix of non alcoholic, but no food. generally for league night we do a group order through Skip and just transfer the person the money if you get something

  6. I'm unfamiliar with skip what exactly does that app do? And where in the world are you located? Is that app some other variation of like doordash or GrubHub?

  7. Hi there, they're each from slightly different time periods and regions. It depends on what you're looking for really

  8. I'm looking for a mace to hit stuff with. Which one would work best? That is the only question I have. To go along with this are the heads just cosmetic differences or do they actually perform differently? Does one Mase perform better than others? Or is it just a cosmetic thing that was done differently in different regions and different time periods?

  9. I’ve only ever used ASP and Monadnock batons so I can’t really say anything about the peacekeeper from first hand experience, but just the fact that it’s apparently better in every conceivable way but hasn’t seem wide spread adoption leads me to believe that there’s more hype than practicality. Sort of like the rapid rotation baton (look it up on YouTube, it’s rad)

  10. It's always good to see someone using logic and reason. I mean I always have an opinion on a product before I even touch it. Because I already know by psychic power what the product is going to be like. I wish I could understand people that say something is a gimmick or try and give advice without actually doing the research.

  11. Hey sorry for taking so long to respond. Almost everything he says is false because he's either misinformed and uneducated on the topics he rants about, or because it fits the narrative he's trying to spin.

  12. I will patiently await for your response. in all honesty I really did not like that video it felt like a troll video and the person who made it was not very good about bringing topics up because they we're behaving like a bully. Calling people names saying they're stupid Etc

  13. The guy literally just said in the video that hitting someone in the head with a hammer would be lethal force in a court of law but hitting them with nunchucks would not. And that is not the case. Not in any court of law that I would know anything about it.

  14. The guy talks about some people deserving to be beat up where you wouldn't be able to use your gun or your knife. And okay you would have to know the laws in your area in order to know whether or not you're using deadly force. Because some places if you use a stick against a guy who is unarmed that is argued as deadly force. So his is kind of mute

  15. I just want something so hot that I will be jumping up and down screaming in pain.

  16. My Guro always made us train with random tools/weapons. Fucker made us train with ropes and towels once haha. Also I carry sticks in my car and a baton if I’m on foot.

  17. I don’t know the brand but it’s the collapsible police one.

  18. Can you take a picture of it? Cuz I mean that could be a Cheap Baton or an actual Brand name one that police use. Or anywhere in between. If possible post a picture of the belt holder.

  19. So can anyone explain why I cannot read them on the official Apple website? I am hoping for that answer. Assuming it's because I don't have an Apple device.

  20. Do you pay by week? If so then yeah that makes sense so that way you're still paying for the games you throw

  21. .. Yes we pay ten bucks each week. So it was twenty bucks with the makeup games.

  22. Shake it really, really well. Like, if you have a paint shaker use that. Then try it again.

  23. It had separated a little bit so I did I shook it really really well

  24. I am also curious as to what you consider a hobby? Like yes I enjoy spicy food I wouldn't really consider that a hobby because I don't spend much time on that. Like in my mind a hobby is something that you do at least for an hour a week. And I mean I have bought different hot sauces and use them on Foods but I don't spend time on them I guess and wouldn't really consider that a hobby. The same with like computers and networking. Had a couple questions but I wouldn't really consider it a hobby because I don't spend time on it. I don't build my own computers at least not anymore I haven't really messed around with the internals of a computer in 10 years. So I guess maybe hopefully you can explain what you mean? And the same can be said for a lot of things I do. I might have interests but I don't necessarily consider them Hobbies because I'm not spending at least one hour a week on them. Martial arts yes that's a hobby ax throwing sure that's a hobby I cannot think of anything else that I would really consider a hobby. I mean I've dabbled in some stuff but at the moment martial arts and axe throwing are really the only two things I have as hobbies that I would really consider Hobbies.

  25. You know it's funny you think police officers would work better at understanding other people. Come on where's your Verbal Judo? I'm all for the police. I don't believe the police are bad but if you're literally just going to tell me this online It's no wonder people have issues with police. if you act this way in your off-hours how do you act during your job?

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