1. I am actually suprised no one have sued EA over this yet. The pack weight system is clearly rigged and not transparant at all. No way people are packing the same duplicates over and over again, and I am not even talking about regular cards. The fact packing the same IF over and over again while it suppose to be “rare” does not make sense. Also the big mess ups with wrong cards in packs makes me wonder if they havent mess up again by forgetting to activate availabilty of TOTY in packs while having the regulars disabled.

  2. How can they sue? The probabilities are listed in black and white. The vast majority of packs have less than a 1% chance of packing a TOTY.

  3. I legit thought he was the wife until he turned his head

  4. He has a strange body type. If I had to guess, I would say that he’s most likely got some type of hormone imbalance. The wee titties as well.

  5. noob question: how long are totys available in packs?

  6. The best CM I’ve used in the game I think. Very fun to use as well.

  7. It's pack opening day! Not sure I'm all that exited any more since TOTYs are so hard to pack and Mbappe SBC is so very overpriced.

  8. Yeah looks like pack weight be at its lowest ever for any TOTY. This is the first year they’ve been in packs for a full 8 days as well right?

  9. Yep, he’s so fun to use as well. I’ve got shadow on him. I wanted that defensive boost.

  10. Since you’ve seen it so many times, you got any ideas?

  11. Played a guy who shot from anywhere with his left foot and went top bins every time.

  12. That would actually be insane. I wouldn’t put anything past EA though.

  13. I don’t think this will be the case though, This is the biggest week of the year in terms of EA making money. This is just bait, they want everyone to open now so when everything’s in packs tomorrow, people are like aw shit, now I’ve got no packs.. better buy points!

  14. I’m still suspicious about Sunday. I just don’t see TOTY full team, Honorable mentions and TOTY icons (team 1 + 2) all being in at the same time

  15. seems illogical but could be EA testing to see if people clean themselves out friday and then spend fifa point when icons are back in packs sunday

  16. Yeah that’s possible and would be typical of EA’s mindset

  17. Worth rinsing all my shitty rare golds into the 75+ player pick? Or is there a better upgrade I should be using my rares for. Gonna empty my common golds into the 75+ and was thinking of just doing my rares too

  18. Keep the rares for the league upgrades and the commons for the 75+

  19. The connection isn’t only dependant on your home network. Unfortunately, the servers have a big part to play in the gameplay.

  20. What i do is opening tradeable packs today - icons got very high prices, lowest is 600k and untradeable on Friday to get better chance of packing untradeable player to my team.

  21. Yeah I actually opened my tradeables last night when I saw the prices 85s were going for. They were almost reaching max price. Kept my untradeables for tomorrow or Sunday. I think there will be quite a big crash between tonight and Sunday because everyone will be opening their saved packs.

  22. When do TOTY Icons leave packs though? If they're leaving on Friday at 6 pm, I'm opening tomorrow as I'd rather have the chance to pack TOTY Icons than the HM (as I can afford many of the HM with coins anyways as they're not as good).

  23. Source? Every year full TOTY stays in packs for 5 days or so.

  24. I used to feel the same way but it’s probably my favourite promo now. They’re genuine end cards, so it’s always cool to get one in January/February. I can understand why you don’t like it if you don’t like the menu grind. That’s definitely part of it.

  25. Just backed out of a rivals game because of the insane DDA going on. Just couldn’t be arsed. I’m tired of his goalie making impossible saves, then he goes up the park, bounces off my defender straight into the path of his attacker and he scores with 1 shot on target.

  26. it may have the least walkouts but for that reason you'll get more 88s than 85s and 86s because of navas and Donna. if there's something to recycle dupes in to, it's the way to go when you can get mbappe Messi hakimi

  27. Why ligue 1 is best for fodder if prem has the most walkouts and highest percentage of walkouts? I don’t get it

  28. I think he means Ligue 1 is the worst for high rated fodder.

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