1. I did the buffet right after moving here at Moonshine for Thanksgiving… few hours later and I was throwing up all over the place

  2. Austin, TX - Burnet road headed towards the domain. Pretty cool to see you city show up… until you realize it is IdiotsInCars 😂

  3. • Cuantos • Nixta • Paprika (truck is closed currently but they are doing a pop up tomorrow at 6pm - check out their Instagram page for more info)

  4. How is this for weird, I am the #1 scoring team in the league this year and I'm about to be 1-5... Love fantasy football

  5. Traded Ekeler and Bateman for St. Brown, Dobbins, and Olave. Thoughts?

  6. 10 team PPR, First priority. Should I take Melvin Gordon?

  7. I wish it was because I was playing the best team each week, my team has barely put up 80 points each week.

  8. Trade: Javonte Williams, James Robinson Receive: Swift

  9. Tough. I think I keep what you have as I like Sutton and Samuel over Higgins and Burks while I don’t think Dalvin is a big enough upgrade to Jones

  10. I’m torn on who to drop for though. Who will be the best TE ROS, Engram or Tonyan?

  11. 8 man PPR no bench league and I picked up Swift and Christian Kirk on waivers this morning, been in talks to trade both for Cupp and Ekeler. I feel like I'd be winning this trade but would like some other opinions.

  12. What’s the point if we are all going to live in virtual reality anyway?! 😂

  13. You at least have hope my man. I’m a bad 0-2. I’m about to try and trade away Davante and Brady for a QB like Lamar and someone. I hate this shit.

  14. That is a horrendous idea - take a deep breath, pick a QB up off waivers, and don’t trade Adams for a QB.

  15. Dang… I heard Thor: Love and Thunder was bad, but I didn’t think it could be THIS bad.

  16. DK will post close to the same stats with Geno this year as he did with Russ. Geno forces the ball to him like crazy, and that will translate to solid fantasy numbers, even though it’s Geno.

  17. I have ranked my top 5 BBQ spots in Austin TX in no particular order. Franklins is closed and I wouldn’t wait in that line even though I do think the brisket is still slightly better than the rest.

  18. That’s an awesome video! Not to do a capitalism, but what doorbell cam is that? I’ve been trying to price an compare systems for our place (we’ve been having some creepy trouble) and that video is crisp.

  19. https://store.google.com/product/nest_doorbell_wired?hl=en-US&pli=1

  20. Any chance you might’ve caught the one I saw early morning on 7/14? I think it was between 1 - 2 am and it was unreal. Would love to see if you might’ve caught that as well!

  21. Took a look, unfortunately it didn’t pick up anything during that date/time period.

  22. tested positive on thurs morning (june 2nd) and all of my symptoms are just about gone with the exception of brain fog/fatigue during movement. i didn’t have a fever or serious cough, and im double vaxxed (no booster yet) but im just worried that it’ll progressively get worse instead of better /:

  23. It’ll begin to get better, my brain fog took time to clear up, probably 4-5 days. It is horrible and scary. Take care of yourself and let your body rest

  24. Thank you so much Locutus for responding. I'm kinda scared. This is my first bout of covid and I had no idea it could be so...sketchy? Not sure of the word. But thank you from my heart.

  25. Brain fog freaks me out. I had it after my dose of Pfizer and then again when I caught COVID. It lasted about 4-5 days for me after the rest of my symptoms were mostly gone. No idea if it helped but I took a handful of vitamins and one called quercetin which may have helped.

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