1. An unaddressed problem is that her company apparently holds minimum standards for bears. Fire more bears.

  2. But bear in mind, the employee was doing the minimum

  3. > nog nooit heeft iemand een baantje gehad in mijn familie

  4. I am teaching this power trading strategy for a non profit cause anyone interested to learn in live market can DM me.

  5. Is this different from the zigzag strategy?

  6. Wouldn't be surprised if the "stuff in the files" was just leftovers from earlier games.

  7. They should have branched off of BFV and kept the movement system instead of inventing the wheel all over again. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

  8. Don't be alarmed, we often include that sort of thing into playtests for fun and memes. Nothing more nothing less 😉

  9. Right…. So why is even development time spent into making that crap opposed to what the community actually wants…. Skins that look like the bots, and why can’t I play with the current bot skins since they are already in the game

  10. Yes, it’s called Dam, the level with the dam in it

  11. Was a great game, nowadays I play Flatout to scratch the DD itch

  12. They are smart to dodge my bullets with ducking tho

  13. That's the thing, i distinctly remember the style and it's definitely not either of these

  14. Apocalyptic made me think about Abe’s exodus, but it’s not a worm ofc

  15. Where do you live, I’m coming over

  16. That's the reason then. Wages up till 25 y.o. are lower to discourage working early and encourage education.

  17. With his birthday coming up in March, his pay should also increase again then

  18. I run the same watchface, but I hate that it doesn’t show the date

  19. Hela is good, Oliehoorn is better.

  20. Toch mooi dat mensen altijd zelf gaan inschatten hoeveel iets “zou moeten kosten” en dan iemand zoeken die de klus binnen dat budget zouden kunnen gaan maken, in plaats van iemand die er verstand van heeft een offerte laten maken met realistisch kosten overzicht en project doorlooptijd.

  21. If you want to see some more amazing old pictures and comparisons, check out:

  22. What about the master chef collection

  23. nope NOPE nope nope NOPE nope NOPE NOPE.

  24. Someone just happened to post this here last week too

  25. Can you share the EA and maybe also the strategy still? Would be much appreciated! Hope you’re feeling better

  26. Nintendo NES happened. Sticks were relegated to flight games after that mostly

  27. And then N64 had again a small joystick ofc.

  28. Ngl would be comicle if the Ukrainian side stop firing for like 2 hours, wait till the Rascists are chilling and then just full hammer time.

  29. We have some cheap baby monitor thing which you could put on the belly/womb to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It has an 3.5mm audio jack to plug in headset, maybe look into those

  30. sorry but could you possibly send a link reference so i know what i’m looking for?😅🙏

  31. Sure, I just checked and I can see some from about €40. I’m in the Netherlands so the websites are Dutch but you can look for “baby heart monitor” or “baby Doppler” for example:

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