1. I think people should always watch movies dubbed because that’s simply how they were made, so you should enjoy them that way, however there are a lot of Ghibli films that have REALLY good English-speaking voice actors.

  2. There should’ve been a “mostly” option. I’d say 75/25

  3. Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a movie reference that’s why I put those haha

  4. I believe in that scene Thomas gets off the bus. Don't know if you see him but I believe that's why the scene is there

  5. Yeah that makes sense. It was so randomly placed in the beginning that I didn’t really understand it when it wasn’t mentioned or revisited later lol

  6. yeah i want him and drew to do their own podcast about the science side of tiktok and other dumb man shit

  7. or at least like one segment where ky just says something so smart and they talk about it for a bit… kind of like media

  8. Looks like I'll have to lower my score again. Not having that.

  9. Rate films based on your enjoyment and personal experience, not based on that. That’s not the point of the app at all.

  10. The leg hair pulling actually happened in an episode bruh 😭

  11. I KNOW IT FREAKED ME OUT and enya saying “because it’s fun” is so accurate

  12. Why did you straight up just copy my poll and repost it 2 hours later?

  13. I’m sorry man I swear I did not see yours when I posted mine.

  14. Hahah it’s all good of course, that’s kind of a crazy coincidence

  15. My favorite decades are not listed in this poll. Why stop at the '60s?

  16. It doesn’t let me include anything further back

  17. i never said that why are you putting words in my mouth??????? 🤨🤨🤨

  18. wait i didn’t even think he could be gay until i saw this post wtf my whole worldview has changed

  19. it’s clear that the dude is a sex offender. why else would a director entire filmography is exclusive to only rapey stuff. everything he made look like a sexual misconduct lawsuit waiting to happen. if you watch it and like it then you are just as rapey minded as him. go watch dune or interstellar. real filmmaking and not directed by ( likely a convicted rpist ) who interest only in making rapey and assault stuff to impress perverted filth people like you that support it.

  20. Why are you acting like stuff like this doesn’t exist unless you are involved? Tarantino made Django Unchained but that doesn’t mean he was a slave owner…

  21. Unpacking, Untitled Goose Game, and A Short Hike are all really great games, but are pretty short. I would recommend playing all three of them (eventually), but I'd maybe wait on a sale for Untitled Goose Game and Unpacking since their $20 price tags are a bit steep for the amount of play time you get.

  22. Wow thanks so much. How different is Stardew with and without mods? I know mods for games like The Sims can transform it into an entirely different game.

  23. When Stray came out I actually said out loud "That's just

  24. They did! Although I wouldn‘t recommend playing it on an older console, unfortunately. I hear that it‘s only enjoyable on PC, PS5 and XBOX Series X.

  25. Oh that sucks. I have a PS4 Pro? Would that maybe work?

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