1. I had him last semester. Really great professor. I would say his only downside is that he is not good at all with Blackboard and sometimes times on the schedule won’t match up with what’s in your assignments folder.

  2. I would say it’s not necessarily difficult to get into. However, the program is difficult itself and will take a lot of time and effort out of your academic life.

  3. I think blackboard overall is not good. Especially the app🙄

  4. The express shop in JC sells medicine! And I think the bookstore has medicine like Advil. Feel better soon!!

  5. You are not obligated to post on social media, and everyone is different. Both my husband and I are very private about or lives. We have social medias, and post sometimes, but even after years of maintaining a happy relationship then marriage we still don't have anything about us posted anywhere. No selfie, no date picture, nothing, not even our status is updated on facebook. Honestly, your girlfriend is the one who tries to manipulate you right now, and is overthinking the situation. She should be focusing on how your relationship is, instead of making up problems.

  6. I appreciate your response. How would I be able to tell her this though? She is the most kindest and understanding person I have met, I don’t understand how it all went downhill so quickly.

  7. Well if she is understanding, then she should be able to adapt to this situation. As a woman, who casually overthinks everything, I feel like it comes down to a bit of insecurity on her part, especially because she said something along the lines of you wanting to "hide" her and keep her a secret. In her mind it goes deeper than that, and I think you need to work on building up the trust even more between you two, so she can feel less "threatened" by the lack of social media presence. She needs to feel confident in the relationship, and understand that your personal lives are yours only, and no one needs to see it in order for it to be real and strong. You can be happy without people gazing at you online.

  8. Thank you for your insight. I really appreciate it.

  9. I can’t see how this is an unpopular opinion if it is about competitive games.

  10. I’m confused, how is this not an unpopular opinion if so many people say it to me/my friends all the time?

  11. Haha true! Especially in competitive games, you’ll find huge unsportsmanlike gamers.

  12. I am! I might even have to go into my 6th year. Not even worried about it in the slightest. It’s not a race, we’re all chasing our own career goals at our own pace!

  13. Let me know when this accomplishes something other than making a bunch of kids feel relevant.

  14. Let me know when your comment accomplishes something other than spreading hate for no reason.

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