1. Please do not stop taking an antiviral once you’ve started without consulting your physician. This is how some crazy variants might occur.

  2. Most folks take rapid antigen tests daily or almost daily during their illness. It sorta helps give a sense of where one is on the infectiousness curve.

  3. Your unvaxxed friend has likely had COVID at least one time and possibly more. In addition, unvaxxed friend got lucky with her most recent round of Rona.

  4. How was it a "compromise?" What exactly did the Republicans give up in exchange for this?

  5. They gave up on their (BS) threat to not fund the military ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Wow. This is a big and am exciting step. I hope you stay safe and well.

  7. The instructions on the box said to consult a doctor if people had symptoms and the results were invalid.

  8. And that’s fine. But you can take another test whenever you choose. Many times it’s that one individual test’s strip that was printed incorrectly.

  9. Thanks for letting me know. I will hang onto the tests I have and take them when I need to.

  10. Sounds like a plan. I hope you are maxing out the 8 free/reimbursed rapid antigen tests provided each month by your health insurance or Medicare Part B/Advantage plan so you’ll have plenty of tests on hand when needed.

  11. It could be that you are on the very very early side of COVID, or it could be some reaction that particular brand of test has with your swabs.

  12. That sucks. The person was likely still infectious, particularly if they didn’t specifically tell you they have already had two consecutive negative rapid antigen tests so it’s safe for them to leave isolation. And I assume you weren’t wearing a mask since you didn’t mention it.

  13. Thank you for this reply. I want to know if (or that) I can protect myself from someone if their level of caution is less than mine. For example if I get a roommate or into a relationship, and I mask 100% of the time but they do some things unmasked like grocery shop etc… how accurate is testing - before symptoms! - so that I can keep myself protected from that person if we live or stay together?

  14. Sorry things are so tough right now. Being one of the last COVID-aware people in one’s friend group is hard.

  15. I love my half-mask Cleanspace HALO PAPR (APF 50), which I wear indoors and feel very safe in, even when there are other people around. Otherwise, in less risky situations, I like Softseal, 3M Aura and Readimask (which is comfortable enough to sleep in if necessary in hotel rooms, and can be worn in MRI machines where no mask metal is allowed).

  16. That’s awesome! If you get some time, I am sure folks would love to get a review of the Cleanspace PAPR and the Softseal. Not enough people here know much about them, and your take could likely raise awareness.

  17. Out of curiosity. I’m in Canada and we have the pharmacy give out two boxes of 5 tests to anyone free of charge. Do you have to pay for tests in the USA?

  18. All Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance* and Medicare Part B/Advantage plans are required to provide 8 free/reimbursed (depending on plan) OTC at-home COVID tests per month for each enrolled individual. So a family of 4 will receive 32 free/reimbursed tests per month. Some plans will limit this allotment to include only rapid antigen tests, and others leave room for OTC at-home molecular tests.

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