1. I'm not sure if it adds to the discussion but athletes of all kinds were effected the worst out the 'healthy population' during the pandemic. I know marathon runners that still get out of breath doing half marathons 2 years later

  2. That seems consistent with experiences from the pre vaccine period

  3. I kinda think colors and the kids is a bad title. I don’t think you mean it in a bad way. But someone might construe it as racist. Not trying to be like, lame or whatever. But I’m always super careful about what I label and title things cuz I always fear going viral for the wrong reasons. Better just to avoid that sentiment all together.

  4. That’s one of the most odd things I’ve read. Any other actually legitimate reasons why you think it’s a bad title or just projection of your anxiety over political correctness?

  5. That’s it. I’m just super paranoid about that stuff lol. One of my worst fears is being cancelled before I’ve ever had a chance to do something. If I had millions of listeners I wouldn’t care. But I tend to toe the line rn lol

  6. Sorry I didn’t mean to be quite so unsympathetic. Just interested to know who would cancel you and why for such an innocuous title? And politics aside it might be a sign to get some help or at least get off the web for a while

  7. He was carded because he was angry at the ref for allowing play to continue

  8. I eat it with a knife and fork if it’s not already sliced (eg like a takeaway pizza) as it’s the only way I can eat slower and don’t feel like a fat cunt afterwards

  9. Football fans buy Bud for it’s robust taste, not it’s alcoholic content

  10. Words that have an unnecessary 's' added, often by Americans, to make a plural:

  11. I read somewhere that Tommy recorded his parts in a format that wouldn't allow Todd and Bob to punch anything in and out (I assume DSD) so Bob had to one-take everything

  12. To my ears there is audible use of pitch correction on the record in a way that’s unique to Bob’s discography.

  13. Newcastle’s on pitch behaviour proportional to their owner’s human rights record. Sam Fender’s shit too

  14. why are you taking it for granted that spurs would have won? prior to the final they went out to dinamo Zagrzeb, and lost 5 out of 10 league games

  15. We actually played pretty decently in the final. See also CL final

  16. Saw them in London back in 2010, loudest fucking band I’ve ever seen. Great. Shame Tom Holliston seemed to pale when compared to the energy of Andy Kerr. Their later records after he left aren’t as good.

  17. This score line kills me because both goals are so fucking dumb. We have played far worse halves this year but of course, Tott v. Pool gonna Tott v. Pool.

  18. For tracking and editing, nothing beats it imo. You can hit a button and just, remove the need to press a modifier key for your shortcuts (so Copy becomes just "C" for instance)

  19. The England boss said the Gulf state workers "want the football to come to Qatar" because they "love" the sport.

  20. No one’s offended, unless being offended by sheer stupidity makes you a snowflake now - I missed that one

  21. "Get attention from the opposite sex, if you know what I mean"

  22. The line is ‘i think you know what I mean’ so he’s covered that already

  23. That’s exactly the opposite of the situation here. Plus that’s such a reductive and overused phrase because no one actually can define the outcome in a society that constantly asks you to prove yourself no matter your characteristic

  24. It’s a tricky dish and not one that’s worth the precise methods used to make it the traditional way in my humble opinion.

  25. So in this situation what would be the difference of using oil instead of just going nonoil? Is it just for the added olive oil flavor or are you able to get a different flavor in the pepper by cooking it oil? I am assuming you can cook the pepper longer in oil but not sure if this is desired for Cacio e pepe

  26. I’m not completely sure, I actually mentioned the option only on the basis of whether using oil is traditional. I guess the pepper will infuse into the oil and either change or amplify certain parts of the flavour and that might be a good thing. You could (in theory) dry toast ground pepper or peppercorns, and then add oil for a mix, and add some fresh pepper at the end.

  27. My family has for generations said "give it to me straight, like a pear cider that's made from 100% pear"

  28. Same, I barely smiled when we scored because I didn't trust the VAR to let it stand. Football is meant to be about emotions but VAR is killing it for me.

  29. Because my stream was three minutes behind I googled the score and saw that it was 3-2 at full time. Turned my laptop off haha

  30. I started working in a hospital when I was 18, and there were nurses who were larger who I thought were incredible women. A male colleague of mine started dating one and I knew then that I wanted to date them too.

  31. I feel like they have a lot to make up for after

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