1. yep; i think because we are used to saying 'this game has/hasn't been translated' we forget that sometimes they need to go beyond that

  2. The same people who complaint about the translation being inaccurate, will also be the same folks that complaint about how the translation is too literal.

  3. Just wait mate, once Ishin Kiwami dropped, people will start complaint about how the translation isn't accurate enough.

  4. Kind of suck that this is the extent of the Pop Team Epic collab.

  5. Knowing how much merch Japanese franchises push in general, part of me isn't surprised that this is how far the collab went. Would've been cool if they were in a substory in Gaiden or 8 tho.

  6. Yeah, that would be dope. But for now, the merch do look really good.

  7. So the footage will be close to a year old? Am I reading that correctly?

  8. Yeah, i think so. And i think we will see snippet of stuff that they are working on here.

  9. As a guy who thinks sigma is cringe and only follows basic rules and has experience with anime i am never playing anime games again after dbz kakarot

  10. What does sigma have to do with anything here? Are you ok?

  11. Just an escape to anime and anime games and yes i am not

  12. Lad I see you all over the Yakuza sub, glorious to see you're a hip hop head n all.

  13. Is that Yonashiro on the card on the right??? Yes!

  14. I think they will go all out with the card likeness. Still no Tanimura though.

  15. Welp, guess many people will not be happy then. Also, while i don't mind the cards, i do wish they tone the boss wizard power down a bit. If they don't? Eh, still excited for the game.

  16. I don’t like how it just writes off Tanimura, but other than that the Y5 Amon stuff for Shinada is very funny. The other three are like, “Oh sometimes we have to fight these assassins and I guess now you do, too” and Shinada’s just dumbfounded at how they’re all okay about that.

  17. Unfortunately, they have no choice, since Tanimura was always meant to be a one-off character. That, and his OG likeness are becoming too popular around that time, making him very expensive.

  18. I find it strange though that for a character meant to be a one-off, he's so important in 4.

  19. I assume he was meant to be an experiment of some sort. A likeness protagonist does sound cool, but it will took until Judgment that they finally have the budget to bring likeness characters back. The only real exception the rule during that time is Baba from Ishin...who is gone now.

  20. Well a lot of it happens in chapter 1, and there was a frame of

  21. Yeah, at least RGG Studio learn their lesson this time. Because Yakuza 7 trailer spoil A LOT OF SHIT. Hell, the original Ishin trailers pretty much spoil EVERYTHING about the story.

  22. The Yakuza 0/Kiwami/3/4/5 opening cinematics spoilered everything but without context it just comes across as cool. Unless you have a super memory or something.

  23. Yeah, while it is a bit spoilery, i do miss them (Also, why the fuck did they pick For Faith for Ishin Kiwami trailer?)

  24. I love that Haruka isn't phase at all by this.

  25. It's probably going to be an Ishin pre-release stream, so don't get your hopes up lol.

  26. I agree, though they do reveal that Daigo will be in 8 in a previous stream, so that is why i mention it.

  27. From what I understand, tomorrow stream will be boss fight specific. So hopefully they address the whole power thing

  28. I could smell the fucking anger from fans if RGG said "lol, the magic stuff is in every difficulty, deal with it"

  29. To give the trooper cards some props, it is the only time we will ever see some of these characters again (WHERE IS ISHIN TANIMURA?)

  30. Oh, thank goodness, she did it. So...what do you guys think she will rant about this time?

  31. There is nothing wrong with asking for money for your work. How about you go talk to your boss tomorrow and tell him that you will work for free from now on?

  32. Damn, muh comment got you in your feelings, huh? I only ask what she will rant about due to her usual rant on NFO, it have nothing to do with the 500$

  33. I feel like if I played kiwami first I still wouldn't have liked him.

  34. That is more your opinion, i guess. I think he was cool in 0, he just suffered due to his character sole purpose in the original 1 is to die.

  35. How he just kinda...died randomly at the start of kiwami and how much of an idiot he was in flashbacks.

  36. RGG can't do anything about it. Kiwami is just a remake of 1, after all. And i think Sera is cool in 0.

  37. I could respect that. At least you have a reason for it, rather than being a pussy ass bitch who deleted the comments because people don't agree with ya.

  38. Yeah, i know. You gotta keep it clean on here.

  39. With RGG Studio, never say never. Do you really thought

  40. Yeah I guess you have a point, Watase was kind of a surprise. Who knows, maybe Tanimura has a secret brother in the Daidoji Faction named Joji Tanimura.

  41. Remember, Tanimura still have ties with Date. So when Date inform him that Kiryu have passed away, Tanimura know it was bullshit right away. So he went on his own to find out what happened to Kiryu.

  42. I would rather them focusing on the gameplay tbh. Because the games becoming more fully voiced also mean more money will be spend on the voice acting, and RGG Studio already have a tight budget to begin with.

  43. I genuinely think that aside from Adachi, Ichiban will persuade everyone else in his crew to have sex with him, and i mean everyone.

  44. What do you mean "aside from Adachi"? You take that back ☠️☠️

  45. No disrespect, it is just that Adachi is probably the straightest mf in the crew, so it will be hard to convince him.

  46. exactly, somehow I found it more frustrating that Baka Mitai was added into the karaoke section, not only they reused this song for like 5 times, but the thing is the song was only popular because of the annoying overused deep fake memes where every new fans or 0 fan boy (no offense) spammed it whenever they could. I bet RGG studio wouldn't add it if it wasn't for the sudden rise of popularity. They could have add some more original karaoke tracks, but hell it's not like i am gonna suicide because they made that decision

  47. FACTS. It is ok to have another opinion, but these original purists act like Ishin Kiwami is gonna ruined the series or sum.

  48. Yeah, some people took shit way too seriously.

  49. Even if it looks like a PSP game it is still fun. Have you played it?

  50. I did, the second game that is. But still, a PSP game won't look good on new gen console like PS5 and all that. So you know it will be remake.

  51. Obviously it won't but that doesn't mean it is bad.

  52. My dude be looking like a badass, Japanese Colonel Sanders

  53. Adam Sandler would definitely bring Hitoshi Ozawa on to a comedy project in Japan. It would probably be 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it will made tons of money.

  54. why does this already sound like a great movie

  55. I would imagine it to be the sequel to "You don't mess with the Zohan" but with Japanese Yakuza this time. Ozawa will play the hot headed Yakuza who tried his damndest to beat Adam Sandler character.

  56. Yeah, even something slightly more crazy like Okada Izo tornado slash seem tame when compare to Yoshinobu's Kamehameha

  57. I swear to god if they give Hanpieta a fucking fireball throw.

  58. btw, I also have reason to believe that they would likely tone down Okada Izo power too.

  59. Yeah, i hope you are right. And at this point, RGG Studio probably heard enough people bitch and moan about that issue. Of course they won't remove the cards, but i think they will tone down the moveset...or i hope they will. And i already know about Izo, mf is the Kuze of Ishin after all.

  60. Man, kind of suck that only Lupe actually wanted this group to become legit. The other 2 are way too big/busy for this type of group ordeal.

  61. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://noisypixel.net/rgg-studio-developing-new-ip-yakuza-8-years-after-7/&ved=2ahUKEwiT8YCiouj8AhXM0nMBHaiWB8QQFnoECA0QAQ&usg=AOvVaw2lbMWUXRujkQBqyyKNEK7Y

  62. I think that RGG somewhat tone down the super power in response to the comment.

  63. If they are going to keep the more flashy moves, i hope it is just more elemental slashes/cool looking sword moves. I wonder if Daigo still kamehameha you though. (Side note, i love that they just reuse Sera's grunt from 0)

  64. Yeah but again IT MAKES NO SENSE!

  65. They probably have to made another excuse to put it into the main story.

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