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  1. You’d rather be up close and personal with a stranger’s literal shit than toss a towel into the washer and/or just throw it away? Your bravery is staggering

  2. Fair. Idk why but I'm not a woman. I don't know men getting jealous of their friends to the point they start only hanging out with women.

  3. Because men are much more likely to leave a relationship when a hot new woman enters his life. Evolutionarily speaking, this is because women will take care of the offspring because it’s a much more biologically demanding thing for women, whereas men can up and leave pretty much as soon as they’ve had sex (and, in theory, gotten her pregnant). Therefore, in a relationship, women tend to be “on guard” more against other women, especially women who show signs of “openness” if you catch my drift. Men generally don’t have to be that worried. A woman is biologically designed to want to stay with the man who impregnated her as he’s her best chance at getting his resources to help raise their children. Therefore she has to be more worried than him, who knows she’s less likely to leave him for a handsome man because in theory, they have children and she’s not going anywhere with another dude because that other dude isn’t going to want to raise someone else’s child. This is all happening unconsciously of course, but that’s why women can tend to be a lot more judgmental of other women than men will be of other men.

  4. I can see why you’d think that. For anyone interested in these concepts, I recommend The Evolution of Desire by Dr. David Buss. It discusses this concept plus much more.

  5. Traveling. It used to be what I would live for when I was in my early twenties. I’d save up and daydream about where I wanted to go. Now I’m in my late twenties and am pretty much over it. The stress of it all really doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

  6. Evolutionary psychology is what you’re looking for. It gets a lot of criticism in the academic (and non academic, for that matter) world because it discusses some socially frightening and non PC-ideas, but it is the objectively correct way of understanding human psychology. The Moral Animal, The Pleasure Trap, The Evolution of Desire; these are all books.

  7. The Paul stine murder site of Washington and cherry st, not too far from downtown near the presidio. Bonus points for at night and then walking up a block and turning right on Jackson st to retrace the possible (and likely) route Z made out of there

  8. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha

  9. Okay so 6% of people are pieces of shit? I would’ve figured it’d be more like 20% at least. This was uplifting.

  10. Hoping to finish skyward sword hd. Never played it before since I didn’t have the wii and really enjoying it so far.

  11. This is nothing new, really. Dating apps have just made it easier. Women have always had their pick of men, going back hundreds of thousands of years. Part of it is just accepting it, and also trying not to think too far ahead. I heard a good metaphor once: don’t try to score a touchdown, just don’t turn the ball over and try to get a first down.

  12. Hey Tobey, how do you feel about how they ~unofficially~ depicted you in Molly's Game?

  13. Was thinking of asking if you hadn’t done it. Too bad he probably won’t answer it.

  14. Caring about your offspring’s mating choices. In all other animals on the planet, once an animal has mated and the child is safe and can care for itself, all other biological interest vanishes. Humans are the only animal on the planet who have the capacity to see multiple generations down the line, and therefore has a vested interest in their child’s romantic partners. This is the foundational reason why we have “overbearing” parents and helicopter moms. When you dive down deep enough, the “reason mom/dad cares” is because the better you do in school, the better career you get, the more money you make, means you’re likely to have children with “better” (talking genetically, here) people. Which insures the higher likelihood of that child’s survival and mating choices and the survival of your own genes. Fascinating stuff, and we’re the only ones who do it.

  15. I wouldn’t touch it man. Give it another month or two and see how you like it then. Come back and ask again. Eventually the hair will get long enough to start laying down on itself. Then, it should flow nice and manageable like

  16. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll keep going a little longer

  17. It's because women have more narrow "types"- whether that be nerd, jock, businessman, bad boy, goth (hundreds of thousands of types). Meanwhile all women are passable to men.

  18. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men don’t have the luxury of having types, women do.

  19. But that's not exactly true because the woman needs to find someone she's attracted to. And by this illustration it's not very many.

  20. But she can have her pick of most if not all of the ones she IS attracted to. She could go on tinder and she may swipe right on only 2 out of 100, but she WILL match with those 2 and could get the ball rolling from there.

  21. It sure does. It works with any Alexa product, even if it’s just the app you download on your phone

  22. Thanks for the tips! I just wanna make sure before I buy one. Do I need to buy anything else besides the echo? Do I have to buy a security system too or anything?

  23. No problem! If you have a security system, Alexa Guard will work for free with the system you already have. If you don’t, it is $5 a month subscription or $50/year. Since my wife and I have Ring, it is free.

  24. France is my team, but then I’d go Morocco for the underdog story, then Netherlands because they’ve come so close so often

  25. It goes back to evolutionary psychology. Women are designed by nature to seek resources from men for raising their children. Men are not. That sounds callous but it’s the way it is. Having a child is a much more demanding experience for a woman than it is for a man if you even just look at how long the gestation period is. 9 months MINIMUM for a woman, and a man can impregnate a woman in a minute or two and be done. Therefore when women today are seeking out partners, part of their genes are telling them to look for resources, even if they don’t quite know why. Men are only looking for suitable (read: attractive) women to impregnate.

  26. France v Brazil, I think that would be the most even-matched and entertaining.

  27. Fellow yanks… who will you be rooting for now. I am personally hoping Senegal beats England, and I want Korea to win. Mostly I am rooting for the underdogs!

  28. I’ve been a France fan for several years so I’m going with them, but would love to see Japan or Korea take it.

  29. I can’t get behind Japan for the same reason former colonies of England have trouble getting behind England. If they just acknowledged that there treatment of Korean and Chinese woman during ww2 was wrong I could root for the national team.

  30. Totally get that. I try to separate the individual players from their governments, and I’m moreso just rooting for the Asian countries since they’ve never won a WC.

  31. Yep, I was rooting for her and still thought she shouldn’t marry him cuz I think he’s immature and stupid…and then she did that at the wedding and made me feel sorry for him. I’m not mad that she said all that to him, but she could have said no and then said all that in private after pulling him aside. This just wasn’t a good look for her imo. It seemed just as immature as he is, and also cruel for sure. Im def glad they didn’t get married though.

  32. Totally agree that it was an immature and terrible thing to do, but I’m wondering if her reason may have been to get out in front of it and tell her side and have people understand, rather than him just going back to friends and family saying she said no just cuz “she’s a bitch” or something. Why she would care, though? No idea

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