1. Bad take from that guy but also don’t voluntarily give out the number of people you had sex with the day before you marriage unsolicited. Otherwise have at it.

  2. True, but I’m mostly concerned about the person who said that we “TECHNICALLY OWN THEM”.

  3. You already lost with that first message

  4. People are allowed to use the striped section next to the handicapped space to allow more room to get wheelchairs etc in and out. This includes parking partially over that area in order for the more room to be on the other side.

  5. They do not have a legit permit unfortunately

  6. it was something some person on here dreamt.

  7. I had the same problem. I usually have to restart my game and try again. I was able to get the two kills through breach-able surfaces for the lion challenge, but they didn’t count.

  8. No way you really had to ask that question

  9. I still don’t get hostage rescue. do the attackers want to kill the hostage or save him?

  10. Unfortunately, I got tired of after 30 seconds of hearing it.

  11. I don't live anywhere close to a lake or a pond

  12. Beat up the biggest line cook there to assert dominance.

  13. They could have just read the game instructions or looked it up

  14. I am in your walls I am in your walls

  15. Yikes, that was a close one. The only real warning was the white truck in the lane next to you breaking for a green light.

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