1. Possible but not likely. Tho Grey/silver smoke does indicate it’s burning oil so you’re on the right track. The condition of your plugs will tell you more. Keep an eye on it after you replace the valve cover and gasket and go from there. Also try to measure how much oil you’re burning in between oil changes. Everyone will say a different amount so base it off your experience since you first got the car.

  2. So is there essentially no more clear protecting the base coat?

  3. That’s a strange setup. Long distance for compressed air to travel. Long distance for exhaust gas to travel. That has to add up. And I’d assume turbos are after cats…. Complicated setup. What supposed to be the benefit

  4. I’d give a good engine wash and let the car run for a bit and see if you notice a new trail. Sometimes the valve cover gasket can get kinked or not seat properly causing it to leak. Try getting another angle on it and taking the engine cover off.

  5. Can be your valve cover or the VVT solenoid which is that thing under the ground wire. Hard to tell from this picture tho

  6. Damn.. this feels actually pretty heavy

  7. Entry level mech so haven’t really had time or made enough to invest so all I have is Harbor freight. The earthquake 1/2 impact buzzes off axel nuts with little effort but it’s exceedingly heavy and huge compared to snap-on or Milwaukee. The earthquake electric ratchet is also okay and hasn’t died on me yet but it lacks a light and can be bulky at times. Lastly I use the Bauer impact driver for screws and bolts and after about 4 years the 1.5Ah battery is finally starting to crap out. You definitely get what you pay for but I own them all and they have made their worth back several times over. However that’s soon going to change as I have my first Snap-on 3/8 impact on order.

  8. I’m running it in mine and haven’t had any issues. After I switched from mobil1 trans fluid, the shifting smoothed out and the 5 gear grind isn’t as prominent.

  9. Why do I have to be over seas 😭 this is an absolute steal.

  10. Could be a clogged heater core or something not right in your coolant system. Or maybe your temperature blend door isn’t working correctly. This happened to me after I changed out my radiator and had air in the system

  11. I actually think it looks good the way it is. All preferences though.

  12. Actually, yeah.I think I associated low with fitment

  13. Absolutely love this spot and beach. Miss cali everyday

  14. Giving me Tron remake vibes ! I agree with most tho, sharper edges up top and maybe something to fill in the space in the middle? Just don’t know what

  15. Yeah it sucks it was one of those dishwasher sponges and I used the green side, all I wa trying to do was get the rusted contaminants off

  16. Yikes. For rust contaminants before using clay bar, get yourself some iron-x or similar. It’s safe for clear and will help reduce the chances of adding more scratches or defects. I would suggest some deeper research and watching some DIY videos before moving forward with trying to fix this. Good luck 🤘🏽

  17. I got a friend that can weld ima have to ask him, I found this pipe extractor set off a bmw forum for the same issue so ima try that first but yea it did, thanks a lot for taking the time to help

  18. Well the extractor set didn’t fit but after not trying vice grips cause I thought it wouldn’t grab it did and worked lol

  19. He says in the video “I don’t know if I was lucky but this wasn’t hard to takeout at all”😭 fuck man I wish. What would I do bro I tried muscling it. Maybe some wd40? Like I’m not doin anything wrong it’s just stuck as fuck and I don’t wanna break it inside the engine.

  20. Yeah could never go wrong with some WD40. But if it rotates even just a little it really isn’t “stuck.” Hey at least you don’t have a 06 revup which has 4 cam sensors lol if you cant get it, sleep on it a while. Sometimes it helps to step back and come back refreshed.

  21. My Z is an 06 touring roadster so I think it does have the revup

  22. Ah dang 😂. Well hopefully the others don’t go bad yet. If you cant get it in there with a short flathead, maybe try a longer one? Its a twisting motion if you can get between the sensor and the port and using some WD40. Good luck man

  23. You can troubleshoot which cylinder is misfiring. Most likely its a bad coil, spark plug, or fuel injector. I had a misfire and it turned out to be a bad coil. Cost me 275 at the dealer. I would only recommend OE bc Zs can be picky when it comes to parts. When’s the last time you changed your plugs?

  24. Then that would be a good place to start.

  25. This was happening to me for the longest time, turns out the diaphragm springs on the pressure plate weren’t fully releasing resulting in that “half-cocked” feel of the pedal. When I went in and replaced the clutch, I loosened the pressure plate and it popped back with a bit of force. Haven’t had an issue since (stage two CZP clutch kit replaced with stage one). Realize that’s not the case for everyone but I had changed out my slave and bled the master before hand and the problem persisted. I’d do what everyone else is suggesting and start with the easier to do tasks before jumping straight into replacing your clutch

  26. I know lots of people shit on flatbed scanners, but they are useful if you want to have one scanner that can accommodate both 35mm film and medium format film. Another good thing with flatbed scanners is that they can also be used to scan other items like documents, printed photographs, and other non-transparent items. Something like a used Epson v550 or v600 would probably be pretty handy for a college student to have, in addition to scanning your negatives. You can find these used or refurbished for less than your $200 budget. There is also the option of downloading a free copy of Silverfast software for your Epson scanner. It's much better than the standard Epsonscan software.

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