1. This guy on YouTube shorts keeps posting videos of him aggressively eating an African dish called “fufu.” Now I want it.

  2. I've always wanted to try this, it looks so soft and delicious.

  3. A friend of mine was at a Christmas eve service at church and another girl called her Satan because she said she doesn't go to church that often. Wait until she hears I've never been to a church service in my life.

  4. When I was 10, I definitely saw an eerie figure of a little girl who was grey all over except for large black eyes, and was wearing a dress in my parents' bedroom. My family didn't believe me until they started having spooky experiences in that house too.

  5. He was a bellend, always being sarcastic, not nice at all! I used to like him until I started focusing on those horrible traits

  6. Yeah same here, it wasn't until I was rewatching the show that I realised he really isn't a nice person.

  7. Large veins. Everyone has veins obviously so I'm not disgusted or repulsed by them, but I just don't find them attractive.

  8. Not me, but a friend of a friend was at it with her partner once then suddenly her cat jumped on her partner's back.

  9. I could go on for ages about this tbh, but I'll stick to a couple of points lol.

  10. In the UK we have a holiday in November called bonfire night where we set off fireworks and we, like the name suggests, have a bonfire. I am neurodivergent and I hate the sounds from the fireworks and how the bonfire gets right in my eyes and nose, no matter how far I stand from it. Fuck bonfire night man.

  11. Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened.

  12. I have seen really fucked up gore stuff, I have seen a video of a guy fucking a girl that has her vagina full of maggots and so on. I have seen more fucked up and disgusting things then I ever wanted to online. There isn’t really anything I can pin point as the most disgusting thing because most are just disgusting in different ways and I don’t desire to make a ranking of those things

  13. I'm so sorry you've gone through this, I wish the best for you. x

  14. Honestly i am currently neutral about Abby i guess she was going through a tough time which is why she was acting the way she was a lot of times.I hope in season 2 things are a lot more brighter for her

  15. Yeah same tbh, I know she was going through a lot but she was never particularly nice to Ginny without really having a reason.

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