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Statutory dog rape

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  1. Imagine Dragons should be banned from existence.

  2. I'll imagine whatever the fuck i want. Thank you very much.

  3. Because thinking the black people in the video deserve the death penalty isn’t racist at all, noooo you guys definitely aren’t racist!!

  4. You are the One fixed on Race. Im just seeing some pieces of shit doing what pieces of shit do and for the look of it getting away without any consequence.

  5. People did complain about the ancient one and feige even said he regretted it i rmemeber this

  6. Never let facts get in the way of karma farming on Reddit.

  7. Even a normal Cat has more chances of hurting you than a regular chicken (chiken claws are a problem but they are nowhere near as agile as a Cat).

  8. Hey guys….. Just a heads up. The second… Lady ??? She’s single.

  9. They can, not extraordinarily well or for long periods but they sure can fly.

  10. Hence the "not really" part of my comment. Their wings are only capable of a controlled decent or a slightly longer jump. This due to their wings being to small to carry their weight because of selective breeding.

  11. The point is that they can fly, period. You won't be seeing them make an intercontinental flight of course but they can still fly.

  12. I will pay $10 to anyone who gives the poor redditors the S A U S

  13. Ill be waiting for my 10$, thank you very much.

  14. Is it even worth to watch House of the Dragon? Since its a prequel of GOT and we already know the Trash ending that got.

  15. You could consider it an entirely different thing. It's set so far back in time compared to GoT that the ending of HoTD doesn't directly connect to GoT.

  16. Unfortunately it isn't a different thing since its a prequel. Ill try giving the first episode a watch tho. Not sure if Im gonna be able to enjoy it much knowing how the overall story ends but ill at least try. Thank you.

  17. yeah a country the size of a continent with 216+ million people in it with absolutely gorgeous places to visit, one of the best, if not the best, culinaries in the world, a place with vivid culture beign summed up to "some videos I watched in a subreddit dedicated to post chocking content"

  18. Anyone who acts like this, regardless of sex, is going to age poorly and be resented by everyone around them

  19. "Ladies Napkins" thats 100% worse than the word pads.

  20. Yes this looks like a normal activity for a child.

  21. I know, but the Reddit council decided all NFTs are bad, even the free ones. Sorry i don't make the rules.

  22. I remove it at once. Now, reply to that comment again.

  23. The council is happy with you. Now when it comes to your previous comment my answer is No but probably Yes with a slight chance of Maybe. I hope this clears things up.

  24. U do not have room in ur wallet for cash since u carry around 30 cards. Try again!

  25. Fuck, a non-american, uhhh, we got, uhhh.....

  26. Yay, more people to share the pain, uhh i mean, share the fun

  27. what "brainwash?" it's a long-standing custom and it's not limited to corporations. there is a minimum wage for tipped employees in 44 states. it's not "brainwash" to know the virtually institutionalized capitalist custom of tipping. not tipping but exploiting those workers just makes you a fucking dick. you aren't taking a stand or making a point, you are just hurting a hard-working person. don't like it? DON'T DINE OUT.

  28. Another one. This is just sad. They don't even realize it.

  29. Even in Canada tons of hardware/sport stores carry locked rifles. It’s not just America.

  30. Well, he said North America and Canada is still in North America.

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